4 Brutal Truths You MUST Teach Your Son About Love


You are his best chance for true love.

The Suicide Note I Never Left

suicide note

Have you ever had suicidal thoughts? Would your note have been different?

How to Move Through the Grief of a Miscarriage

grieving couple

Talking about a miscarriage is almost taboo – but recovery begins with honest conversation.

Family, Blood, and Brothers: The ’92 Skybox Alonzo Mourning Rookie Card


Jim and Dave are brothers. They haven’t spoken in years and they don’t like each other very much.

How to Make Divorce Easier on Your Kids

How to by Matt Preston

Divorce can hit your kids hard. These four tips from Jenny Kanevsky—who is in the process with her two boys—can help your kids fare better during challenging times.

Parenting: It’s Just Another Day at the Beach


Eric Stary is determined to get his family to the beach, even if he must first travel through the seven circles of parenting hell.

Light Between the Bars: The Road to Redemption


A man put a group of prison inmates in a room with nothing but a camera. The result is stunning.

Upon Hearing that My Grandfather Would Like to See More Tears


Brian Baumgart goes to a darkly reflective and emotionally honest place in this poem.

We All Need ‘Significant Others’


Jonathan Delavan reflects upon the influence different individuals can have on one’s life as well as his own life.

Review of Disney’s ‘TomorrowLand’

Tomorrowland 1 crop

  A fun new film made for dreamers of all ages Imagine a place where there is no suffering, greed, corruption or disease. A place that not only looks futuristic, but is the one place left where anything is possible. It sounds like a dream right? Well not in this new movie from Disney that […]

Don’t Eat the Last Cookie and 5 Other Things I’ve Learned about Creating a Happy Marriage

couple sharing dessert

A moment of mortification started an 18 year journey toward happy ever after.

The Summer I Became a Man


Losing everything broke him and taught him what’s truly important in life.

I Still Want to Have a Family. It’s Just Going to Look Different.


Just before his 26th birthday, Carlo came out to his Catholic family. The reaction was not what he was expected.

Why It’s Good for You to Let Your Partner Be Right


Letting go of being right can bring out the best in both you and your partner.

Screw Flowers: 65 Things Your Mom Actually Wants For Mother’s Day

mother and son

Get brain freeze when you try to think of something really special for Mom? She really DOESN’T have everything.

From Bullied in Newark to the Cover of French Vogue


Andre J. wants to tell you one thing: love yourself. That’s how Andre went from being bullied in the projects to appearing on the cover of French Vogue.