Family Romance


Timothy Liu writes of addiction, resentment, and family secrets.

Taking the Right Precautions for a Family Member With Dementia

elderly care

Modifications help create a home environment that’s safe and supportive.

How Could I Not See


Lauren Camp recounts a woman’s tender moment with her father-in-law, bonding over Emily Dickinson.

Lessons From The Pool: On Teamwork and Family

water polo

Dr. Joel Wade relates his own water polo team experiences to personal growth and development as a man.

A Father of Five Whose Life Was Gone Too Soon


Dante Parker was 37 years old when his life ended. Brandon Greene reflects on how their their radically different lives could still have the same fate.

5 Ways to Balance Business With Family


Left unchecked, your business could ruin your family life. Here’s how to keep balance.

What Potty-Training My Son Taught Me About Myself


Sometimes it’s our little ones who are teaching us how to live.

Why Won’t My Family and Friends Do More to Support My Business?


PK Kersey explores why business owners don’t get the support they feel they deserver from friends and families on social media.

Divorce: Then and Now

Divorce then and now by Tony Guyton

Jenny Kanevsky grew up with divorce and is facing one now, but she’s determined to make it different for her sons.

Step-Parenting Advice From Someone Who Has Been There


There is no “Step-Parenting For Dummies” so jump in and push forward.

Ultimate Frisbee, Family, and A Way of Life

Frisbee - 175 grams

Father and son Robert and Ian Zeitlin team up – both as authors and on the ultimate frisbee field – to show just why Ultimate Frisbee is so special.

Why We Run #3: Born To Do It


When one of family member turns to running, so do the rest. Perhaps it’s in their blood…

Inspiration Unpacked: A Mantra Against Helplessness


Men are wired to fix things. But sometimes, fixing things isn’t the job you’re here to do.

‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Could Be The New ‘Modern Family’


James Holcomb reviews ABC’s newest comedy series. Could ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ give us a new twist on the modern family?

Dear John: Just a Few More Small Changes and She’ll Be Perfect!


Dear John tackles being honest with yourself, a wife dealing with a damaged parent-child relationship, and pointless arguments in a relationship.

The One Trip Guaranteed to Stretch Your Marriage


A shopping day at IKEA took a toll on more than the pocketbook – lesson learned.