How to Break Your Tired Pattern of Dating the Same Type Over and Over

groundhog date

Are you stuck in a dating loop? Is every date “Groundhog date”? Here’s how to break your unhealthy patterns for good!

We Have a Son, In Spite of a Homophobic Nurse


What happened when these “two boys” in Texas decided they were ready to start a family?

Some Unconventional Marriage Advice I Gave My Teenage Son

boy and girl flirting

Beyond the usual “love and honor her,” this Mom offers some practical examples of how a love stays strong.

A Note To The Good Man I Married

lego wedding

Shanna Anderson has a few things her husband needs to know and they can help any blended family.

Something in the Way We Move


Planning to move soon? Mike Johnson shares a sanity-saving timeline of what moving is really like.

A Gay Dad Imagines What Future Kids Will Think About the Struggle for Marriage Equality


The Supreme Court changed history this week. Gay dad Rob Watson pondered on his future grand kids, and what they would think of the times he has lived through. A video from The Next Family gave him some insight.

A Heart Attack, A New Lease on Life

empty hospital bed

The commitment I have to what I believe in only grows, but now I’ll be working smarter, more thoughtfully and more consciously!

White Like Them? Really I’m Not

hip hop guys

That time when a mixed-race hip-hop artist was asked for his opinion “as a white man …”

My Father Never Said I Love You, But I’ll Be Different

me and dad

I realized my father was from a generation that never said those three little words. He was saying he loved me without them. But I didn’t realize it then.

You Make Me Want to Be a Better Man

You Make Me by Paxson Woelber

Mike Berry isn’t a perfect husband or father. Recently his family let him know just how they feel about that.

Why It’s So Damn Hard to Recover from an Eating Disorder in Our Society

man with eating disorder

How we talk and think about weight isn’t just toxic to people who have or have had eating disorders — it’s toxic to everyone.

Healthy Relationship Habits Guys Can Practice for Lasting Love

Healthy Relationship Habits by Chris Price

Daniel Dowling wants your relationship to be everything you want it to be. And he’s got some advice to help you make that happen.

I Had to Run Away From My Problems Before I Could Face Them


Faced with feeling like he had nowhere to go, Cameron started running. He stopped on a California freeway.

My Dad and I Aren’t Beautiful

Father & Daughter

Graduate student Ariel Gordon reflects on the special relationship she has with her father.

Dear Dads: Thank You For Being More Than a Father


Rachel Toalson affirms working dads and stay-at-home dads, dads who brave the grocery store with their kids and cook dinner for their families, dads who create art with their kids and play hide-and-seek with their kids.