Comment of the Day: ‘You don’t need a woman to be a father’

Single men who want to be fathers can provide a loving home on their own.

Have a Sweet Tooth? Enjoy Ecstasy With These Healthy Snacks

If sugar is bad and artificial sweeteners are worse, then what are my options?

Co-Parenting: When It Works and When it Doesn’t

Former spouses need to put aside their difference and work together for the benefit of the kids.

Perspective About a Hard Day’s Work

Two friends trade texts with pictures of their projects. One will remind you of what is really important.

I Survived Suicide And My Husband Supported Me

Ann Roselle opens up about her suicide attempt and her husband’s unconditional support through it.


Podcast: All In The Family And Interview With Andrew Brewer, The Rock n’ Roll Psychic

Chris Forte talks family dynamics with Andrew Brewer. Listen to the podcast here.

What Men REALLY Wish Women Knew About Them

It’s pretty simple really, and it’s not about sex.

Interactive Quote of the Day—Definition of a Gentleman

As a gentleman, do you think this quote is accurate? What are your initial thoughts?

3 Ways to Help Our Children Find Beauty in the World

When bad things are happening around us, we can teach our children how to focus on what is good.

Why I Refuse To Apologize for My Son Wearing a Dress

This loving mom believes her son has the right to express himself any way he wants, including as ‘gender creative’ and challenges people to see there is nothing wrong with his choices.

Disabled and Dating

Communication in any relationship is the key to finding love.

3 Reasons I Never Make Time for My Kids

I set aside time for almost every person in my life. Here is why I no longer do it for my children.

These Extreme Athletes of Nature Inspire Us to be Better Humans

They mate for life (and they live into their 60’s) they co-parent their young, and the “teens” even “babysit.”

Father Knows Best: What 21st Century Men Can Learn From 1950s TV

Elliott Katz believes if dads ‘go back in time’ with their family dynamic, they will have a better future with their kids.

When I Was a Boy

Ah, the sweet memories of boyhood—playing kerb ball and muck ball and getting your first color TV.

How Men Can Be Active In the Conversation on Domestic Violence

Because we all fail the victims when we don’t speak up.