Children’s Book Review: Will You Play With Me? The Adventures of Princess Nadia


Alex Yarde reviews the story of Princess Nadia’s fun-filled adventure featuring a plucky little girl and authored by a loving dad.

The 11 Supernatural Paranormal Phenomena of Kids


You think the Bermuda Triangle, haunted houses and Area 51 have some bizarre, out- of-this-world things happening? Mike, the Sunshine Dad, says you haven’t seen anything. He explores the unexplainable and eerie events that children manifest.

Why Lying About Racism to My Nephew and His Daughter Somehow Seems Necessary


In this heartfelt letter, Marlon Peterson explains why he promised his nephew and grand-niece a better life, but cannot make good on that promise.

Seven Things to Keep in Mind While Caring for a Dying Parent

Seven Things You Need to Know About Caring for a Dying Parent

James Delles remembers what it was like to care for his father in his last days and offers a few tips about what anyone assuming the caregiver role for a parent really needs to know about death and dying.

A Divorce Proposal? Why Not?

marriage proposal

Sometimes doing the “right thing” means ending it. But why not do it as honorably and as honestly as possible?

I Lived in Poverty to Save My Son From Daycare

little boy playing

She was harshly criticized for not taking full time work, but she knew what was best for her little boy.

Should Parents Really Care If There’s a Play-Doh Piece That Kind of Looks Like a Penis?

Should Parents Really Care If There's a Play-Doh Piece That Kind of Looks Like a Penis?

Mike Reynolds considers the online gall and outrage surrounding the recent “Play-Doh penis” controversy and wonders what’s really getting parents so agitated.

We Did it For the Wild – a Birthday Note to Our Daughter

tree and sol

Successful entrepreneurs, advocates for the environment — living “like footloose gypsies” and raising their daughter to be a “citizen of the world.”

Lessons from the One-Legged Man

one-legged man

Every day, Michael Carley sees the evidence that it takes more than a family to raise a child.

7 Important Reasons to Eat Dinner as a Family

family dinner

Eating dinner as a family may seem more difficult than it’s worth, but there is good reason to make it a habit sooner rather than later.

The Year I Broke Through

The Year I Broke Through by Jacob Sundlie

High school senior and acting ace Jacob Sundlie didn’t let adversity break him. Instead, he learned to play the role of the survivor.

The Eight Essential Kinds of Books That Every Kid Should Own

The Eight Essential Kinds of Books That Every Kid Should Own

Not every kids’ book is the right fit for every kid. But there are certain types of books that every kid should encounter when they’re young.

Living With Gratitude At Year’s End

Gratitude makes life bearable.

The year is quickly coming to a close. Dr. Steve suggests giving yourself a year-end gift and make a list of everything for which you are grateful.

Letting Go to Get More: How to Be Happier at Home and at Work

Letting Go to Get More: How to Be Happier at Home and at Work

Jim Mondry discusses how letting go of his expectations of productivity has allowed him to experience joy in parenting and work again.

The Key to Setting a Good Example as a Father


Olga Gonzalez shares her observations on things a father can do help his children grow in a positive way.

Remember When We…?

sharing memories

Why sharing memories is soul food