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Ken Carfagno has a brilliant way to forge memories with your kids while you do routine errands.

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Family takes many forms.

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Grow Up… Adults!!!

DiaryDad wants you to GROW UP!!! — Twice in the past week I have dealt with issues in which adults have done very immature and/or childish things when they should have been setting a better example for the children they were around.  Unfortunately both times it has been my youngest that has been impacted and… well… I’m […]

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Chris Forte’s reflection on a trip to China.

Waiting For My Father’s Bus

A small child in excruciating pain sits on the side of a long empty road, gazing tearfully into the endless distance, waiting for a bus never destined to arrive. He is a man now.

How Close Are We to Male Birth Control?

New options on the horizon may give men more family planning options.

Today is National Ex-Spouse Day — Here is Why I Celebrate My Ex-Wife

Bill Douglas was thrilled to find out that April 14th is Ex-Spouse Day. He approaches it with a full heart. Here is what he has to say.

Call for Submissions: Are You a Male Caregiver?

Traditionally thought of as a role women naturally step into, more men are caring for loved ones when they are sick.