9 Reasons Why Dating an Only Child is Difficult, But so Worth it

love and the single child

They will love you fully.



Starting a business is harder, and more rewarding, than you thought it was.

Dear Dad: From the Creative Soul Sister


What do you do when you need to be creative, but don’t have time? Dear Dad has the answer.

6 Keys to Achieving Business and Personal Success


The wrong balance will ruin your business, family, or both. — As I talk with clients, friends and family members who are business owners, there is one struggle that I often hear. “How do you balance the demands of work, your personal health and relationships?” We all face this. We are passionate about our businesses […]

An Open Letter to My Father: What It Means to Be a Man


This is an open letter to my father, Marvin Jacobs, describing his character—and even more important, the actions he’s taken to demonstrate it through his life.

As A Separated Father, Did I Fail? Did I Succeed?

father and son

Raising a boy when you’re not married to his mother is difficult, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do

Why We Should Fear the Future


You think life is crazy now? Rick Rosner points out how much more crazy we have to look forward to.

Write Your Own Life Story

write your own story

Do you want to write your life story, or just let the pages unfold?

66 Ways to Know a Dad


One evening Justine Solot looked over at her husband, the dad to her kids, and realized she knew him. She really, really knew him. Here are the 66 ways.

Dear Dad: From the ‘Not Selfish’ Former Stay-At-Home Mom

former stay at home mom

A SAHM is worried about going back to work, but Dear Dad has the answer to help mover her past the fear and get her family back on track.

Blended Families and 5 Ways You Can Make a Seamless Transition


Creating a positive environment for your kids, post-divorce, is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

9 Spartan Race Lessons on Leadership and Teamwork

Spartan Race

Sean Glaze’s nine leadership lessons from his Spartan Race with his family will help you to become a good leader and team player.

How Can You Help Your Child Live Up To His Potential?


Remember, your children can’t inherit your success.

Sometimes a Cup is Just a Cup

sippy cup

Color isn’t always a fashion statement, nor is it a gender identifier. Sometimes, it’s just a practical choice.

Tuberous Sclerosis: A Father’s Journey

father and son walking

The fears that come up when your baby is diagnosed with a rare disorder are nothing compared to this father’s determination to give his son all that he can.

Lesbians Raising Sons


What’s it like to be a boy raised by two women? Vikki Reich shares the perspective given to her during a dinnertime conversation.