‘Dracula Untold’ Every Bloodline Has a Beginning

Untold 3 cropped

Vlad the Impaler like he’s never been seen before. This movie goes beyond the usual on-screen Dracula, to the heart of the man who became a monster.

How Slut-Shaming Hurts Men


Jordan Gray says that slut-shaming is too engrained in society to go away overnight, but you can do your part to not feed into it.

Flirting With a Fantasy


Bob Marrow makes an interesting point about age and attraction.

What The New Female Thor Might Mean For Female Representation In Comics


Is the creation of a new female Thor a watershed moment in pop culture? Or a gimmick to sell more comic books?

‘Maleficent’ A Different Look at an Old Story

Maleficent-Quad-Poster-585x440 cropped

‘Sleeping Beauty’ redone, but this time from the point of view of the villain.

Artist’s Manifesto: Paint Women Like Women


They’re more than just a collection of parts, writes illustrator Noah Bradley in an appeal to his entertainment industry colleagues.

Can Couples Compare Celebrity Crushes?

Celebrity Hall Pass Hayek 3

Pete Wilgoren and his wife know that couples who play together, stay together.

Comic Books, My First Love


Simms Jr.’s writes about the first thing that sent his heart racing. The Incredible Hulk punching someone.

A Famous Author Was Interrupted From Work By His 4-Year-Old Son, Something Magical Happened Next

Pat Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss, best-selling author of “The Kingkiller Chronicles,” writes down a moment to remember as a father.

What If I Want To Be A Princess?


“There simply isn’t a male fantasy about being appreciated and lauded for one’s intrinsic qualities rather than one’s actions.” Noah Brand wonders why that is.

Nerds as Gatekeepers and Chauvinists


Three women discuss the prevalence of men acting as gatekeepers to sci-fi and fantasy. Why does it happen? What does it feel like?

My Parents Taught Me Four Things. They Finally Sunk In.

photo by phineas h

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Nick Jurczak reflects on the various lessons that his parents taught him that you’ll never learn in college.

Where the Games Have No Rules

Where the Games Have No Rules photo by fuzzcat

Nate Owens loves board games. And fortunately for him, so does his son.

One Man: The Eternal Subject of Hollywood? (Video)


This montage of movie trailers reveals our fixation with the “one man” who must overcome extraordinary odds.

Lying to Children

GI Joe, Barbie, gender stereotypes, body image, children's body image, children's role models

Where fantasy stops, untruths begin. Carl Pettit writes on the relationship between media and body image.

Review: Brutal Fantasy Fiction From @strangercomics Released … For Free!


The world of fantasy writing is widely perceived as being as homogenous as your average gallon of milk. Through a genre called “sword and soul,” writers like Charles Saunders and Milton Davis have developed a new paradigm for fantasy fiction with more diverse casts of characters and innovative new voices. One such effort is Dusu: […]