A Coming-Out Journey 90 Years in the Making

At the age of 90, this man reflects on his journey to accepting his sexuality.

What A Wise Old Farmer Taught Me About Love

Jordan Gray took an older farmer out for coffee and asked him his best advice about love and life. —– His tiny spoon clanks down on to the side of his white plate as he fumbles to grasp his cup of coffee. He is in no rush, and it seems that he has never had […]

The Cowboys Sang, He Plays the Trombone [video]

Cowboys lulled their herds with cowboy songs. Farmer Derek Klingenberg prefers something a little less country.

The Wood Turner [Video]

A beautiful short film of Leo, craftsman, bowl maker, sheep farmer in the UK.

Mulberry, The Final Scenes of Act One

The final installment of Act One in James Olm’s “Mulberry.”

Say Cheese

29-year-old photographer Jason Davis interviews his son, 4-year-old photographer Tristan Davis.