Why Men in Skirts are Sexy and a Funny Video to Prove It

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 5.38.03 PM.jpg

Lori Lothian reveals the real reason men in kilts are so hot. And it’s not about the knee socks.

“Is Physical Beauty Important for Practically Everybody?”


This comment by Valter V on the post Daddy, Am I Pretty

It’s Time For Real Dad Fashion (TM)

"Weekend Jeans"

The Oscars are done, now it’s time to talk about what real-life dads wear. Ariel Chesler breaks down the fundamentals of Real Dad Fashion.

Stop the Abuse of Children in the Fashion Industry. Why? How?

Jennifer Sky. Stop Child Abuse Fashion.

Working as a teenage model gave me PTSD, says Jennifer Sky.

5 Things About Women That Make Men Fall (In Love)


The sometimes smart men at The Good Men Project share advice. Today, one of those guys dishes on the wonderful things about women that drive men crazy. In a good way.

Women Give Their Guys Makeovers in New Web Series

cute him up

The makers of Iron Chef introduce Cute Him Up, an online makeover show.

My Photoshopped Reality

1-photoshop-Daniel Drak-GMP

Lena Dunham, Photoshop and how unrealistic beauty standards affect men too.

I Lived A Day According to Tom Ford’s Schedule And I Felt Like The 1%

Tonya Pittman with Tom Ford

I know that one day on his routine will not lift me into the 1%, but it’s easy to see how a schedule like this could get me there.

Strutting Without Shame

Here's the thing photo by AndYaDontStop

Jaime Zepeda finds a way to seriously enjoy life, by not taking himself too seriously.

Craig Sager’s Suits With A Don Cherry On Top

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 1.19.51 PM

Like them or loathe them, the outlandish outfits of Don Cherry and Craig Sager represent a broader fashion frontier for men everywhere.

Switcheroo: A Confrontational Gender-Bending Experiment

Hana Pesut Wedding

Hana Pesut’s Switcheroo photos expose how gender and identity are defined by the clothing we choose to wear. Joanna Schroeder and her husband volunteer to participate in the experiment.

Why Kanye West’s Confederate Flag Is AWESOME

Kanye West

Lincoln Anthony Blades on a symbol of hate transformed.

Two Men and Their Tutus

Executive Tutu

JJ Vincent fights stereotypes. But sometimes the chance to genderbend – and the call of the floof – is overwhelming.

That’s Not A Fedora (And Stop Wearing It)


The trilby has become the cheesy default hat for too many men, and it’s a mistake.

So About That Gay Men and Fashion Thing…

Hidden treasures. Yes, that is Hello Kitty.

JJ Vincent understands that there are certain “expectations” for gay male appearance. He just doesn’t adhere to them.

Why Can’t I Remember What He Was Wearing?


JJ Vincent wonders why men’s appearances are not subjected to the same scrutiny as women’s. Do you have an answer?