5 Big Problems With Prince Fielder’s ESPN: The Magazine Cover Photo


Historian Oliver Lee Bateman discusses the implications of baseball star Prince Fielder’s appearance on the cover of ESPN: The Magazine’s Body Issue.

The Perfect Male Body


In the first of a series of posts about the objectification of the “ideal” male body, Oliver Lee Bateman examines the life and times of fitness entrepreneur Joe Weider.

Beware the Fat-Fearing-Fanatics


Natalie Gold is tired of listening to the same old myths about overweight people.

10 Movies That Will Absolutely, Positively Make a Make Man Cry (A List of Mostly Lists)


In his latest tongue-in-cheek post, Ryan Björklund offers suggestions for click-worthy Good Men Project articles that will never, ever be written.

A Letter to Potential “Admirers”: What Does My Fat Body Mean to You?


Margitte Kristjansson shares some thoughts about her fat body and what it means to be the object of someone’s desire.

“If you wanted to demonize thin people, why were men singled out every time?”


This is a comment by Mike L on the post “I Don’t Have to Explain My Fat to You”.

I Don’t Have to Explain My Fat to You

no fat chicks

Margitte Kristjansson asks: Why am I not allowed to want to be fat?

I’m Stark Naked: Deal With It

Noah Brand - cover

Our editor-in-chief bares it all in a direct confrontation with body shame.

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