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After a lifetime of avoiding his family, she realized he made his home behind the bar.

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Why I Am Proud To Be My Father’s Daughter And How I Almost Lost My Life As A Result

An unexpected ‘cardiac event’ brought with it a major wake up call for Edie Weinstein, that her inherited workaholic tendencies could have ended this incarnation.

Dad Says Goodbye to Daughters

Jon Vaughn finally got life insurance. It wasn’t the inevitability of death that shook him; it was not being able to say his last words to his two daughters. So he wrote this, and recommends you do the same.

Learning to Love Again: A Miscarriage, a Misconception, and a Second Child

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Unfinished Symphony: A Memoir Excerpt

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Towards a Discussion of Male Self-Hatred

Richard Jeffery Newman discusses the paradoxical situation of being a stereotypical man, while also protecting women from men “like that”.