A Dad Gives His Daughter the Legacy of Strength


Lisanne Rogers credits her dad for teaching her to compete in a rousing game of shuffleboard. Ultimately, it turns out, he taught her so much more.

100 Words on Love: Dad’s Love Notes at Breakfast


Weekday mornings, I’d find them next to a bowl of dry cereal or buttered toast gone cold.

Conversations with My 2-Year-Old: The Cookie Edition (Video)


Matthew Clarke’s conversation with his daughter about her really wanting a cookie is reenacted with him and another full-grown adult.

Confessions of a Temporary Monster: When Do You Really Start Loving Your Kids?

Blogger Father and his son

Unconditional love was not instantaneous with the birth of Oren Miller’s kids

Robert Krulwich Commencement Address Gives Parents Words to Remember

The Graduate

As graduation season approaches, a father of toddlers crashes college graduation ceremony to get some perspective

At the Jukebox, Dancing with the Lives of the Dead


Daughter finds solace, dad, in the local tavern

It Hurts Down There

Photo---Tracheotomy Bob/Flickr

Dreaded daughter-to-dad phrase forces single dad to deal with his daughter’s pain

Baby Brings Dad Unusual Attention from Beautiful Women

Photo by Gint Aras

Writer Gint Aras probes the odd phenomenon of babies attracting babes…to his wife’s amusement

Beautiful on All Sides

Photo by wonderlane

‘The privilege of being white in the U.S. is that you don’t have to see race. But for a growing majority of people, ethnicity is fluid; it’s piecemeal, chosen, reclaimed, refused, relearned.’

BMOTD: My Daughter Becomes My FB Friend, Almost

Screen shot 2011-07-07 at 7.45.13 AM

My teenaged daughter made my day by letting me inside her cyber world, if only for an instant.