Making Mistakes Doesn’t Make You Less of a Man


His grandfather taught him how to be a man. His death left him questioning himself. — I called him “Papa” growing up and idolized him when I was a kid. Not so much during my teenage years—of course, Papa was “unhip and uncool” then. However, sometime in my twenties I regained my senses and a […]

How Could I Not See


Lauren Camp recounts a woman’s tender moment with her father-in-law, bonding over Emily Dickinson.

The Perfect Dad and Newborn Moment

The Perfect Dad by lovemelovemypug

If you’re looking for 60 seconds of pure rapture, this is it.

The Readers (after Robert Hayden)


Recalling Robert Hayden’s classic poem “Those Winter Sundays,” Philip Clark presents his own remembrance of a father and his sacrifices.

Inspiration Unpacked: You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

Dad at the park

Together we stand. And laugh. And love. And learn. And sometimes break down and cry. Together.



Maura Alia Badji’s poem about a sister, a brother, and a jock strap is funny and, in a surprising way, tender.

The 3 Best Gifts a Dad Can Give His Son


You can give your children what you think they need or what they actually need.

What My Two Year Old Son Has Taught Me About Life And Business

baby with blocks

Kids naturally know and do what it takes business leaders years to relearn.

How to Survive in the 21st Century: Getting Your Kids Get Through Divorce (Nearly) Unscathed

children and divorce

The Good Men Project’s series How to Survive in the 21st Century, delivers survival-mode insight on accepting life-changing circumstances, and gives you the road map to your new normal.

Most of What is Written is Simply Grief


This poem from Todd Davis is a prime example of the power of the unspoken, the understated.

Proud to Have a Gladiator Sports Locker. Grateful to Now Have My Sons Room Clean

Gladiator Locker Kasdan Fan

My son got a sports locker. And his room and I thank him for it.

A List of Things I’m Consciously Trying To Teach My Daughter

daughter at three Johnathan Bane

Johnathan Bane knows he is teaching his three-year-old daughter how to navigate life in the 21st century. And in order to figure out what exactly he is teaching her, he made a list.

What Can We Do to Support Stay-at-Home Dads?

dad and baby

Rebecca Wissink shares the difficulties one Dad faced being the stay at home parent while his wife returned to work.

Shanty Hollow


Dwight Gray writes of family and fishing, in a poem where much lurks beneath the surface.

Battle of Midway, photo 80-G-701843


Von Thompson brings out the horrors and human costs of World War II’s Pacific Theater.

Proud Father Finds Creative Way to Display His Son’s Art

Dad with tats

This dad has been covering his arm in tattoos of his son’s doodles and the result is gorgeous.