How are you teaching your son to be a “Good Man?”

Call for Submissions – Share your parenting tips!

The “Root” of My Dad

The unlikely conversation with my dad that inspired the parent I hope I’ve become.

Why I Can’t Be My Childrens’ Friend Right Now

It’s more important while they’re young to protect them and instill values.

My Brother, My Hero

He was her hero long before they lost their other two brothers, but now he is even more so.

The Famous Guy I Wish Was My (Step)-Dad

A tenuous relationship with her step-father inspired a then seventh grader to daydream about who she wanted to take his place.

Call for Submissions – My Adult Parent is Toxic, This is How I Deal

How do you handle toxicity in adult-parent relationships? Often, as adults, our relationships with our parents is difficult, whether leftover from childhood or because of something that happened later in life. If you have a toxic or emotionally challenging relationship with your mother, father or with both of your parents, how do you handle it? […]

Evening Therapy

Joshua Martin sheds light on the casual yet essentials ways by which men support each other.

Daughters Have Found Their Voice in the “For Love of Men” section

Did you have your dad wrapped around your finger?

Call for Submissions – Who is Your Hero?

Who are the men that inspire you, have changed your life or the lives of others?

Is it Possible to Die of a Broken Heart?

After 55 years of being by his side every day, being apart was more than she could handle when my dad became ill.

6 Things That Are Stopping You From Being Happy

There are no cookie cutter strategies for every person, but if you are struggling, this is a perfect place to start.

4 Things A Man Battling Depression Can’t Say

I am certainly no mental health expert, and I don’t claim to have all the answers. I do know how this awful disease has disrupted my life and the life of my family.

How Did You Prepare to Be a Dad?…and Other Questions You Never Thought You’d Be Asked

Children are poised to enter many stages with unique needs and challenges every step of the way. How will you prepare for the most important job of your life?

What Van Gogh Can Teach Us About Ourselves

How do you paint yourself?

Comment of the Day: ‘I don’t know about you, but I’m last on my priority list.’

This comment was made by Daniel on the post 11 Easy Ways to Actually Love Yourself More by Jordan Gray

Teach Your Children the Meaning of Value While They’re Young

Learned values early on will benefit teens in the workplace and in life.