The Gods of This Day


We’re the Gods of This Day, and we have the power to make today one of the most amazing days ever.

A Dad’s Letter to His Long Gone Father and the Unending Quest to Forgive


Tim Lineaweaver shares his heartfelt letter to his father who is no longer here. It is an epistle that demands answers from one who cannot respond.

A New Dad Discovers Small Victories Really Aren’t That Small

new dad

Faced with being alone when his wife’s maternity leave ends, Michael Kwan discovers small daily victories as a new dad are not so small after all.

We Did 39 Acts of Kindness for Our Birthdays (32+7)


This awesome dad believes is teaching his daughter to change the world — one small act of kindness at a time.

A Dad Reacts To a Five Year Old and a ‘No Suicide’ Contract


After reading about a five year old child forced to sign a no-suicide contract, Scotty Schreir worries about the world his son will grow up in.

Dear Husband: You’re Hotter as a Dad

attractive as a dad

I see the laughter in your eyes when you’re playing with our kid. Do you have any idea how attractive that is?

The Heart of the Home With ‘The Cook at Home Dad': Pesto Sauce


In a bid to get children to eat healthier, ‘The Cook At Home Dad’ shares tips and recipes he creates for and with his kids.

This Week Our Dads Confronted Myths, Mood Swings, Being Called “Mr. Mom” and More


In a recap of our week’s dad conversation, editor Rob Watson highlights the things that were on the minds of our fathers. They covered an incredible spectrum of the introspections, the soul and the hearts of dads everywhere.

My Dear Son, Rejection is a Myth

son playing in river

I need to tell you a secret, something I wish I would have known when I was 12.

Want to Help Your Children with Literacy and Brain Development? Try Music!


Kids might think music lessons are a waste of time. But musical training has been shown to improve literacy, memory, learning and verbal intelligence.

6 Lessons From Teaching My Son to Shave

teenage boy shaving

A father contemplates the meaning of manhood, and the lessons inherent in safe, effective hair removal.

A Dad Discovers the Secret to Pleasing the Picky Eaters — and Getting Them to Eat!


Jared Stone shares the strategy you need to get your kid to choose coq au vin over chicken nuggets. Well. Maybe not. But he can help you to get them to eat healthy food. Here’s how.

Why Men Get Hotter Once They’re Dads


Kristin Anderson says fatherhood makes a man at least 200% more attractive.

A Dad, Devastated by Divorce, Shares the 10 Secrets to Making It Work


After becoming the proud dad to five kids, Matt Sweetwood was handed a horrific divorce. Rather than allowing it to defeat him, he found a way to not only survive, but to find peace and success as a father. Here is how he did it.

Are Children More Like Butterflies or Crocodiles?

Good Men Butterfly

Children aren’t miniature adults. Like butterflies, they go through dramatic changes to develop into amazing adults, and we need to respect that.

A Dad Sees Through the Three Myths of Manhood and Finds Out What is Truly Important


Ethan Ruzzano has encountered three myths regarding what is supposed to be important. In rejecting them, he discovered the biggest value of all.