Want to be a Good Dad? Don’t Stop Trying

If you’re worried about how to better your dad skills, you’re probably already a rockstar dad. But this Annual Dad’s Conference is a great way to keep growing.

How Our Sons Lose when Everyone gets a Trophy

How do too many trophies cause more harm than good?

Just Do the Thing You’re Doing—How to Say Yes to Your Full Potential

To reach your full potential, you have to say yes to the moment—right this moment.

Comment of the Day: ‘Men can get in touch with their inner selves and women can supervise a construction crew.’

This post was by Larry Tiejema on the post “A Dad-to-Be Was Praying to Have a Girl, Until He Opened His Eyes”.

The NFL’s Steve Weatherford: Super Fitness Role Model and Super Dad Role Model

As the world prepares for Super Bowl weekend, Matt Sweetwood interviews NFL’s Steve Weatherford!

5 Reasons Your Kids Don’t Need You to Be Awesome

Mike Berry reminds us that being present, not providing, is the key to being a great parent.

How Did You Prepare to Be a Dad?…and Other Questions You Never Thought You’d Be Asked

Children are poised to enter many stages with unique needs and challenges every step of the way. How will you prepare for the most important job of your life?

The Legacy of Dad’s Minestrone Soup

With him forever, my dad’s minestrone soup holds the secrets to who he is. It is indelible, much like his fingerprints, or heartbeat, but a mystery I cannot unravel.

The Greatest Gift

Chris Spurvey received a gift from his daughter and it changed him.

We Should Talk about Paternal Bonding

Fathers need to be bond with their babies and that means becoming very physically involved at the earliest opportunity.

Dear New Dad: It’s OK to Take a Haitus, But You Must Take Care of Yourself

My son came early and I wasn’t prepared.

Sons Have Found Their Voice in the “For The Love of Men” section

We want to hear the stories of how you bonded with your dad, your special memories and funny moments.

5 Steps to Help Your Kids Deal with Your Chronic Illness

When you’re a parent with chronic illness, you need all the help you can get to manage life. These five tips can help you get there.

Is Pa Ingalls a Dangerous Role Model for My Husband and Son?

Not only is Pa the workhorse, he’s also the brains. What kind of impossible expectation does that set for men and men-to-be?

Confronting the Cynical, This Mom Believes in Paternity Leave and Abolishing Double Standards

Amy Warren Alpert found there were skeptics about fathers taking paternity leave. That was before she had kids. Here is what convinced her they are wrong.

Why I Decided to Skip Work to Take a Walk

It took a wake up call and an (almost) missed opportunity to refocus Mike Berry on his real priorities.