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Why a Dad is His Child’s Most Important Teacher

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Four Powerful Ways Dads Can Create a Culture of Gratitude For Their Kids

The most impactful lessons our kids learn are those they observe in our own attitudes and behaviors. Make it a habit to practice gratitude.

I am Grateful an NFL Tribute Gave Me a Wake-Up Call to Fight Against Evil

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Changing the World: One Vasectomy at a Time

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“Thanks a lot”—9 Life Lessons I am Thankful For

DiaryDad is thankful for life lessons he has learned and wants to pass them on. — Here in the United States we are prepping for Thanksgiving. A favorite holiday of mine because it reminds me to take a moment and realize and take stock of the many good things in my life.  My wife, my […]

How to Keep Your Kid Alive

Want your child to be happy? Then let them be themselves and don’t ever ask them to hide it.

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