The Good News-Bad News About Becoming a Parent

The Good News and Bad News about Parenting

Alex Barnett shares the ups and downs of parenting and what you learn from it.

100 Words on Love: My Wife, My Son, The Life I’ve Won

light through window

It’s already the best day I’ve ever had.

A Dad’s Open Note to All the Friends He No Longer Sees


Sean and his spouse used to be quite social. Then they adopted kids and don’t want to squander a single moment. Here is why they hope you’ll understand.

The Wounds of Absence

The Wounds of Absence by Abhimanyu

For Cabot O’Callaghan, art flows from the pain of growing up with an absent father.

A New Dad Hits a Bump in the Road to Happily-Ever-After Family: He May be Doing It Without His Mom


The joyful path to fatherhood was shaping up for Anthony Romeo. Adoption plans were under way. Then he got the call from the one person he thought he could count on forever. “It’s cancer.”

The Last Conversation


Diane A. Sears, an advocate for men and father’s, recalls the last time she talked to her father

5 Dads Who Will Do Literally Anything to Make Their Daughters Happy

Parenting on lock.

The Times are Changing – That’s Why we Need a Book Club for Dads!

Book club for Dads

Shawn Fludd is starting a book club for dads and helping dads become a reading role model for their children.

Delightful Daddy-Daughter Duet

Duet by Dads on Duty

Who says dads can’t do the singing thing?

A Dad Discovers How to Encourage His Child’s Failures


Mathew Lajoie knows how to cheer on his kids when they succeed. What happened when he observed another child fail made him realize what needs to be done when kids DON’T succeed. Here is his story.

Why “Great” Dads Like Me are Not “Great,” We are Just Dads, and That’s OK


Dad Glenn has found that the bar for him being considered a “great dad” is set pretty low. Here is a snapshot of his parenting. Is it greatness or just being a dad?

Dad Photobombs: Military Dad Surprises Son on Picture Day

dad photobombs military dad

We never tire of these joy-filled reunions between fathers and their kids.

You Don’t Know the Meaning of ‘Mess’ Until You’re a Dad at Brunch With a Toddler

babyganics messy face toddler

Brett Ortler never could’ve imagined the magnitude of messes a toddler can make. Thank goodness for Babyganics.

Dad Cartoon for Sunday: Food for Thought


All is well in the home of the Burb Boys, except for a little “food fight”!

A Dad Goes to Work in Our Cartoon of the Week!

heartstrings trailer

Before he was a dad, Charles used to go to work without a second thought. Now, it apparently requires a medical procedure of sorts.

A Bad-Ass Dad Dilemma: How Do I Teach My Kids to Fight “The Man” When I Am NOW “The Man”?


In his younger days Daniel questioned authority. He was the rebel. Now he is the Dad. How does he stay true to his fighting spirit, and teach his kids how to challenge authority, when that authority is now — him? Here’s how.