My Son Takes Me For Granted, and That’s Okay

boy in bath

Seamus Curtain-Magee knows that the right kind of parental love often goes unnoticed.

What Happened When a Dad Became His Son’s Superhero


It was a simple comment made at bedtime. But with it, this dad found his superpowers.

A Dad Discovers That Perceptions Matter


It’s how we live our lives that influence the people around us.

Until We Teach Our Sons to Be More

Until We Teach by Roland Tanglao

Mike Berry knows he has to show up for his boys if he wants them to show up as men.

What It Really Means to Man Up


Shaping a boy into a man is tough. But it’s not about demanding toughness.

Introducing the Good Men Project Dads and Families Cartoon of the Week!

gmp goodboytrailer feb 23

Charles Danziger provides us a charming look at fatherhood , cartoon style. Look for his charm here, exclusively on the Good Men Project, every Friday morning!

7 Things Your Son Needs You to Know – But Won’t Ever Tell You

teen boy phone

Some boys will never tell you what’s on their minds, but don’t think they’re not paying attention to what’s happening around them.

What Africa Can Teach Us about Parenting Our Sons

africa fathers sons Mark Schillinger

In order to raise their sons to know how to overcome life’s adversities, parents need to trust their own biological instincts. It was an incredible experience trusting my life to a young African man. I was recently thinking back to a journey I took to Kenya eight years ago. I was at the Elephant Watch […]

A Father of Five Whose Life Was Gone Too Soon


Dante Parker was 37 years old when his life ended. Brandon Greene reflects on how their their radically different lives could still have the same fate.

From A Father’s Diary: Sweet Sixteen and Blood Baths


The many traumas of a father facing womanhood.

The 30 Lessons I Learned From My Dad By the Time I Turned 30


It is Jeff Moore’s birthday, and of all the gifts he has received, he cherishes thirty that came from his dad the most. Here they are.

How to Make Everything Right in the World for a Moment


These are the moments no camera will ever capture

How This Dad Masters Four Little Kids at Once and Stays Champion of the Ring


Mike Smith, the Sunshine Dad, masters taking care of his four toddlers, all at the same time. He shares his secrets.

9 Things Fatherhood Has Taught Me About Being a Man


“They don’t want the ‘pretend you have it all together’ version of me, they simply want me. To be present. To be engaged. To be there. To be real.”

Inspiration Unpacked: A Mantra Against Helplessness


Men are wired to fix things. But sometimes, fixing things isn’t the job you’re here to do.

How to Survive in the 21st Century: Getting Your Kids Get Through Divorce (Nearly) Unscathed

children and divorce

The Good Men Project’s series How to Survive in the 21st Century, delivers survival-mode insight on accepting life-changing circumstances, and gives you the road map to your new normal.