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Thomas Hocknell dispenses hard-won wisdom gained on the path of manhood.

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“You did WHAT to mommy?”

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You Can’t Do Your Kid’s Pushups

DiaryDad learned a lesson about strength, but first he had to do a lot of push-ups. I want to tread into the realm of teaching kids to be strong. I am a father of two young boys who I want to grow up to be strong men. I want my boys to be emotionally, mentally, […]

Six Truths to Speak Over Your Kids

Go to war for your kids, not against them.

As Long As We Are Alive, We Are Fathers

Fatherhood is an experience that doesn’t end. Once you become a father your identity is forever changed.

Daddying Up for the Kids

Why are dads more likely to see the value in a business conference than they are in a parenting conference?

A Short Guide to Firing Your Special-Needs Health Care Provider

In Part 10 of the series, “Every Family Has a Story,” Darla Johnson helps you think through the options if you need to change your special-needs child’s health care provider.

How a Dad Can Cherish the Opportunity to Coach His Son

If being a dad is the most important thing to a man,then what he says to his son has to be done with the vision to shape and inspire.

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Steve Garrett has taken a thorough look at the men in the world. He decided to write is daughter a letter about them. Here are his thoughts.

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Making Your Life Suck Proof and Beyond, The Roman Way

Reflections From the Son of a Stoic on the Possibility of Loving Every Moment of Your Life

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George, The Son I Never Had

Family takes many forms.