Things Said to Dads That Mothers Never Have to Hear


It is the new “nails on a chalkboard” for the active parent dad. The comments. The assumptions. Neil Cohen shares the ones he’s heard that a mom never gets said to her.

A Father’s Lament

Being separated from your children opens a hole in your heart and in your life.

A Recently Separated Dad Reflects on the New Alone Time He Dreads


How a separated dad used alone time to deal with his new situation and prepare him and his children for their future.

8 Big Ways Dads Can Help with Breastfeeding


It sounds like a mom-only arena, the world of breastfeeding, but there’s a lot that dad can do to help with this important, special and sometimes exhausting activity.

Communication for Parents: How A Few Simple Changes Can Make a World of Difference


We learn to talk as children but learning to communicate with our own children can take a lifetime.

Dads Make The Best Fantasy Football Players

fantasy football

If you’re looking for an edge this fall in your yearly fantasy football league, you have 10 months to prepare. Dads make the best fantasy football players.

Yes, Dad’s a Man – But We CAN Talk About That

dad daughter

After sensing hesitation on talking about ‘girl’ things, Brian Gawlak reassures his daughter no subject is off limits.

7 Minutes to Bedtime: A Dad and Daughter’s Podcast


Rick Sanchez utilizes the inexact time just before “lights out” where the most interesting conversations happen with his daughter.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire and Other Childhood Lies


It’s time to stop telling ourselves the lies we’ve believed since childhood, for our own mental health and for our kids.

5 Rules For Talking With Your ‘Tweenage’ Daughter


Aaron Saufley explores the intricacies and true meanings of conversations with his ‘tweenage’ daughter.

We Need to Stop Ignoring Fathers


If we want fathers to be active participants in the lives of their children, we need to include them in the conversations leading up to that child’s birth.

Back-to-School Sadness for the Single Dad


Single dad John McElhenny’s rebirth or collapse has often coincided with the first few weeks of back-to-school.

I’m a Man With ‘Dad Bod’ and it Feels Great! Where’s the Love for ‘Mom Bod’?

mom bod

After embracing the ‘Dad Bod’ craze and how it made him feel, Scotty Schrier explores the importance and necessity of a ‘Mom Bod’ craze.

When Did Play Get So Nice?


Would children be better off without adult-imposed rules, limiting their play?

The Ever Present Phenomenon of Stay-At Home Dads


Stay-at-home dads increased in a sluggish economy demanding creative daycare solutions. The result bred fathers, who today are reluctant to sacrifice time with their children.

It’s Time for Black Men to Be Honest About Mental Health

men mental health black men

Men are expected to take care of and protect their families, but what about when they need help themselves?