A Dad Decides It is Time to Tell His Teen Daughter the Truth


“Do as I say, not as I did” could be the mantra of many parents who experimented in their youth. This dad decided the days for hypocrisies had come to an end.

11 Things Dads Who Suffer Miscarriages Need to Know


When a miscarriage happens, dads often step to the sidelines. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and this is for dads who have had one of life’s most difficult disappointments.

Dear Son, You Have Taught Me So Much …

Dear Son by Larry Hagner

Founder of The Good Dad Project Larry Hagner thought he was teaching his son … but here’s what he learned.

Comment of the Day: “Too often miscarriages are seen as only affecting the mother…”

miscarriage candle

Prospective fathers are affected by miscarriages, but there is a lack of support for them.

A Dad Talks Openly About a Miscarriage and the Effect It Had on Him


Dads can often be forgotten in the devastation of a miscarriage. One dad shares his experience in hopes of helping other dads going through it.

How to Make Sure Kids FEEL Your Love


What we say and show kids can often be two completely different things

What’s a Dad to Do When His Daughter Wants to Dress as Han Solo?

Han solo 2-2

…put on a Princess Leia costume, of course.

I Learned About Persuasion From my Dad


Straight talk from a very persuasive dad has a long reaching effect.

The Legacy of a Good Man


Abel Perez Sr. was a ‘nobody’ by the world’s standard, but his legacy tells a different story.

Being the Primary Caregiver Doesn’t Mean Being the Favorite Parent. And Sometimes That Really Sucks.

Being the Primary Caregiver Doesn’t Mean Being the Favorite Parent. And Sometimes That Really Sucks.

Dave Lesser knows that he can’t always be his children’s favorite parent. But that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

What’s Needed To Raise Boys Into Balanced Men


Jose Aviles on what boys need and the dangers ahead if we fail them.

The Day a Straight Dad Introduces His New Boyfriend to His Son


Ian Wilson had recently come out, and fallen in love. He carefully planned when he would introduce his new boyfriend to his kids. Then life intervened.

Call for Submissions: Long-Form Articles


Have a story that you can’t fit in just a few paragraphs? Good, we are looking to share your long-form writings.

Gay Dads Face an “Empty Nest” Knowing They Blazed a Trail


Ricardo and Jesse Ortiz-Barreto adopted older kids in the 1990s, and were the first gay couple with whom many of the adoption professionals had worked. Now their baby is about to leave for college

5 Things I Wish My Father Had Told Me About Men

young man

Her Daddy didn’t tell her, so she learned the hard way. Men are people too, and most of them are good.

Things I Wish My Father Had Taught Me About Being a Man

Things I Wish

“Laugh, deeply, from your gut, at the absurdity of the world and at your own imperfections.”