I’m a Man Who Cries and That’s OK

Todd Hannula wants to shatter the myth that it’s not manly for men to shed tears.

Why My Sons Think I’m Invincible

Mike Berry isn’t Superman—far from it. But as far as his sons are concerned, he’s a dad of steel.

A Dad Ponders the Idea of Being a Hero

Jeff Jackson looks for a hero and finds one— his dad. Now, can he find that same kind of hero within himself?

The Best We Can Hope for as Parents

Tommy Maloney thinks about the future while he’s parenting in the now.

3 Simple Ways to Show Your Son You Love Him

Being a good father doesn’t have to be complicated, but sometimes it goes against what we’re taught makes us good men.

I’m Taking a ‘Wear Beige and Lay Low’ Approach with My Teenager

As the father of a teenage boy, I have become a skilled eggshell walker.

Why Sitting Down is often the Best Way to Stand Up for Western Civilization

In our obsession with self-esteem and enthusiasm for anti-bullying campaigns, have we forgotten that peer pressure isn’t always bad? In fact, they’re often central features of the civilization process.

5 Lessons in Fatherhood From the Video Game ‘Journey’

Jonathan Harrison takes fatherhood and gaming seriously—and they’re not mutually exclusive.

Amusement Parks Aren’t Really That Amusing

Amusement park? Alex Barnett thinks not. Maybe “amazement park” because it’s amazing that any person over the age of 6 and more than four feet tall survives a day there.

Surviving the Stresses of Life, A Dad Discovers His Own Father Did Pretty Well After All

Jeff Jackson strives to live up to the standards of being a “good dad,” and does the best he can. As he ponders what that means, he realizes his own dad was pondering the same thing.

How I Learned Moral Courage From My Dad

Qasim tells the story of his father’s unpopular decision to leave Pakistan and pursue a better life in the United States.

When a Gay Man Loses His Dad Before He is Able to Tell His Truth

Ade meant to tell his father the truth before he fell ill. His dad never recovered and now Ade finds he sacrificed his authenticity for the promise of a temporary connection. Here are his thoughts and feelings.


A lesson in perception, from an unexpected source.

When Going to the Store With Your 10-Year-Old Gay Son Is a Political Act

I’m 6’4” and people tend to keep their stupid opinions to just words and nothing physical when I stand by my kids. If it was only that easy all the time.

Father and Son: a Painful Understanding

Andy Schulkind explores the complexity of his relationship with his father.

My Dad and My Son’s Sadness This Father’s Day

This father’s day, I give thanks to being a dad. Poking his sister in the head and pulling her hair were natural acts for my 12-yo son. And today at my Father’s Day brunch, things were no different. Except when my mom asked each kid to tell one thing they liked about their dad. I […]