33 Things I Want My Sons to Know

33 Things I Want My Sons to Know

Andy Smithson assembled a list of thirty-three simple, yet complex truths about being a man that he wants to pass onto his sons one day

100 Words on Love: Fathers and Sons

Ben Tanzer

So much f**ing love you think your head is going to explode.

True Love: Dads and Mini Vans

True Love: Dads and Mini Vans

Ben Liebing thinks back to his childhood, to the moments where his father happily put his family first, and sees each moment as an expression of love

An Open Letter to LeBron James: Does Father Anger Motivate You or Destroy You?

an open letter to lebron james

Kenneth Braswell’s heartfelt letter to LeBron James on forgiveness and healing of his fatherless pain and anger.

‘Be a Man’—The Cruelest Words We Can Speak to Our Sons

Be a Man by The Representation Project.jpg

How the language of disrespect destroys self-esteem and empowers violent behavior.

A Father’s Long Shadow

long shadow photo by Sharon Mollerus

Author Billy Coffey speaks about the effect his father had on his life, and where it’s brought him now.

Six Feet From the Sun: Climbing Houses with My Father

This could be my dad's hand.

Ryan Rickrode reflects on roofing, writing, and wanting to be like his father.

I’m Turning Into My Father – And It’s Great

Father and son playing and bonding on Bogey-Board on Morro Stran

Steven Shewach has gotten over himself and become his father. And it is awesome.

Why It’s Ok If Your Son Doesn’t Want to Play Sports

Why It's Ok If Your Son Doesn't Play Sports

Sports are great, but we shouldn’t pressure boys to play just to prove their masculinity.

On Violence and the Super Bowl


Despite his aversion to violence, Shane Jones has always been drawn to violent sports. Now, however, he wonders whether he should watch the pinnacle of violent sports in this country—the Super Bowl—with his son.

Hitting My Son


David Karpel on training his son in self-defense and character development.

The Dog Days of Little League

little league-y Ron Cogswell-flickr

Michael Kasdan wonders if we are molding our boys into well-rounded strong men—-or pushing them too hard, too fast, too young, into a win-at-all costs Hunger Games arena.

Mindfulness for Fathers: Five Difficult Feelings We Can Learn to Love

hawkeye son-by jondejong-flickr

It’s a tall order for many men to even acknowledge difficult feelings. But love them? That’s just going too far. But of course, going farther and loving deeper than you knew you could is what fatherhood, and life, demands.

Family Wakes Us Up (Book Excerpt)

matthew with jacob

Matthew Remski and Michael Stone write about the spirituality of fatherhood and family life.

Mindfulness for Fathers: Giving Your Child a Secret Space

child reading-by roy costello-flickr

Matthew Remski recognizes the need to foster the awareness of self his young son is beginning to develop.

Dear Daddy, Where Are You?

Dear Daddy, Where Are You?

NeTeah Hatchett addresses the sensitive topic of what it feels like for a child when a father isn’t present.