How do I Mourn the Death of a Father I Wasn’t Close to?

Matt Sweetwood vowed to be a different kind of dad than the one he had. He succeeded. When he lost his father, the new dad had to find a way to say goodbye to the old. Here are the feelings he has and what he has to say.

The Things I Never Got to Share With My Dad

He was rarely ever there, and then he was gone forever.

Am I Turning My Sons Into Wimps by Nurturing Them?

Why I didn’t learn to parent my sons from the world’s example.

How My Son Taught Me To Play Catch and To Be a Better Dad

We don’t have follow our fathers’ example. Sometimes, we can follow our sons’.

The Complex Relationship of Fathers and Sons

Allison Moorer reviews Inherited Disorders {Stories & Syndromes} by Adam Ehrlich Sachs

(Regan Arts, 263 pp. Publication Date May 03, 2016)

I Thought I Could Love My Son Through His Trauma, But It Wasn’t Enough!

Foster parent Mike Berry reminds us that sometimes raising children requires more than love.

The Courage of Vulnerability: Becoming Better & More Whole Men

Showing our emotions is a strength.

Waiting For My Father’s Bus

A small child in excruciating pain sits on the side of a long empty road, gazing tearfully into the endless distance, waiting for a bus never destined to arrive. He is a man now.

Call for Submissions: Dads – What is the Most Important Lesson You are Teaching Your Kids?

From generation to generation …

Call for Submissions: I Love Sharing THIS With My Kids

They’re going to be gone before you know it.

Comment of the Day: ‘Man up, son!’

Negative words can devastate children and shut them down emotionally.

Calling All Men

To help break the stigma associated with mental health, all that we need to do is talk about it.  ___ It is common for men to negate their feelings and emotions because we are never taught how to recognize what is actually going on, how to effectively, shamelessly express those feelings, nor are we taught […]

This is scorching now. I adore it. You might too.

Jesse Kornbluth reviews the music of Lukas Graham.

Staying in the Game

I’d like to say this is the story of a kid whose dad loved him even though he wasn’t the best player on the team. But it’s not.

What Traveling With My Son Taught Me About Being a Parent

I couldn’t have predicted how sitting side-by-side on a road trip across America would enrich both our lives.

This is How Dads Can Teach Their Sons to Appreciate Women

Standing in a line at Starbucks, one dad broke it down for his son in the simplest of ways.