The Mended Heart

The Mended Heart by Horia Varlan

Losing his father at age nine fractured Thomas Fiffer’s heart, but he found his way back to wholeness.

Dreams and Lost Opportunities of My Father


Charles Hale has pictures of his father’s life in the Navy. He wonders how his father felt about things that didn’t happen.

The Hole a Father Leaves by Leaving

The Hole a Father by OWN

Kyle’s father abandoned him, causing unbearable pain. But this young man has pushed past shame to redeem his life and claim his manhood.

An Open Letter to My Son’s Kindergarten Teacher


I’m giving my child to you. Please return him in the same or better condition in which you receive him.

Dear Son, Embrace Your Creative Gift

"The Transfiguration" by Raphael

When Charles Hale realizes his son is discovering his creative side, he does the only thing he can. He encourages him to cultivate and cherish it.

How-to Guide for Dads to Talk to Sons About Women [Video]


When it’s time for “that other talk,” these ideas could make it a little bit easier.

9 Ways to Raise a Prodigy


The right clothes, the right books, the right diapers and BAM! Prodigy. Right? Yes, according to Nick Bhasin and his Miracle Baby.

The Four Surprises of Parenting

plotting child

John Jericiau of The Next Family was ready for some parts of being a dad…but not everything (like that one diaper…).

Hear The Amazing Advice A Dad Gave To His Gay Son In The 1950s

Haggerty performing in drag in 1959.

A 70-year-old gay man shared his story about the advice his father gave him in rural Washington in the early 1950s.

What Dads Do When They Think No One is Watching [Video]


Rub-a-dub-dub, two buddies in a tub…and one mommy with a camera.

How One Man Forgave His Father After Gay Conversion Therapy [Video]


Mathew Shurka was put into gay conversion therapy when he was 16. He’s now able to talk about what life is like on the other side.

Happiness and Its Causes


Alexander Michael Brennan tells how his boys experience, give, and teach him how to experience joy in life.

Life Lessons from My Dad and His Rig


Kyle Luetters has numerous memories of his childhood including his dad, his 18-wheeler, and a rickety old racetrack.

Nothing is Lost: Reflections on My Relationship with My Father

nothing is lost

Colin Vandenberg admits he was not the perfect son and reflects on why this is and how it might have been different.

Saying Good-bye to My Dad and Fathers Day as I Have Known It

lisa, dad, me

Next year, Rob Watson’s Father’s Day will likely be very different. This year, he remembers the father he still has.

My Father Never Returned Library Books: A Father’s Day Reading Remembrance

My Father Never Returned Library Books: A Father’s Day Reading Remembrance

Tom Burns’ dad loved libraries and he loved to read. However, he didn’t like giving libraries their books back. This is his story.