What Happened When This Man Came Out to His Devout Muslim Father


” ‘To Khalid, the boy, the man, the poet, the scholar.’ ”

A White Dad Wonders Why His Biracial Son’s Race Is An Issue

A White Dad Wonders Why His Biracial Son's Race Is An Issue

Although Alex Barnett knows his son is Biracial, when he looks at him, he doesn’t see race.

My Son in a Dress is not a Political Statement

My Son in a Dress is Not a Political Statement

Chadwick Moyer’s three-year-old son Fallow doesn’t care how revolutionary you think wearing a dress is. The only thing he cares about is being happy.

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Done Punching Walls: How I’m Saving My Marriage

punching walls 2

Rory Caldwell was an angry man. After seeing himself through his son’s eyes, he’s now healing himself, his marriage, and his family.

My Dad’s Amazing Easter Island Snowman

My Dad's Amazing by zaraknowlandzk

A child captures his father’s extraordinary snow sculpture on film.

The Dangers of Letting Your Life Revolve Around Your Kids

father and son

Sometimes, it’s more important for kids to tag along with Dad as he goes about his business than it is for Dad to tag along with them as they go about theirs.

Comment of the Day: I Love My Daughter and Son Differently, Too


Why do dads feel guilt because they may view their love of their sons differently then what they do with their daughters?

Lean Into Anger: Healing My Father’s Fury


Anger scares most of us. But John McElhenney found a way through the fear.

A Father, A Son, and Making Up For Lost Time


With the holiday season upon everyone, Joe Rutland takes some time to remember how a once-broken relationship with his dad became one of his greatest gifts.

Dialogue With Those Who Matter Most

claudia sanders

This year, Billy Flood’s Thanksgiving was defined by his father’s wisdom.

Parenting . . . A Day at the Beach

Parenting Day at the Beach

Alex Barnett shares the truth about toddler-parenting: There are no breaks. No timeouts. No commercials. You just go and go and go.

A Middle-Aged Dad’s Dating Advice for His Three Year-Old Son

A Middle Age Dads Dating Advice to His Three Year Old Son

Alex Barnett had his son later in life. And he wants to give his son dating advice before he forgets what it was like to date.

Poetry as Courage, On This Veterans Day

veterans 2014

“Peace, So That” is a reminder of what war does to everyone involved.

A Grandmother’s Legacy: A Single Black Gay Man Adopts


When Alvin decided to adopt, he wasn’t ready for response from his communities.

5 Things Every Adoptive Dad Needs to Know

adoptive dad

You may not have fathered this child in the biblical sense, but here’s what it takes to be his “real” Dad.