How to Buy a Gift for the Man in Your Life

andrew-smiler 121714

Andrew Smiler describes how to choose a gift that will say “I Love You” in a language he’ll understand.

With Fitness, Half the Battle is Showing Up


James Fell didn’t want to run in the cold rain, but he forced himself out of his car and was glad he did.

Dear Daddy—The World Needs Fathers


Freya Watson discusses what makes a good father.

‘I Had a King Once’


A story of love for a great man.

About My First Father’s Day


Geer Oskam reflects on his memorable, unusual, first Father’s Day.

The Day After Father’s Day

Bruce Linton

Bruce Linton reflects on the ways he has been able to make a meaningful, connected life for his family.

Alzheimer’s, Throwback Cans and What My Father Taught Me About Football


On Father’s Day, Stuart Burkhalter shares a memory of his father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Father’s Day Tips for the Young and the Restless

jon vaughn and daughter one

Jon Vaughn has been a single dad for 12 years. He’d like to encourage young with some advice he’s learned along the way.

Nothing is Lost: Reflections on My Relationship with My Father

nothing is lost

Colin Vandenberg admits he was not the perfect son and reflects on why this is and how it might have been different.

My Five Grandfathers

My maternal grandfather, Karl Conner, going fishing – one of his favorite hobbies

Josh Magill looks back at all of the men who helped shaped the man he became, and is grateful for them this Father’s Day.

The 10 Greatest Cruddy Movie Dads Who Weren’t That Cruddy After All

chevy chase

Movie dads tend to screw up a lot, but underneath the bumbling their hearts are often in the right place.

Casey Kasem: A Farewell Tribute

casey-kasem-ap photo

Casey, you’ve finally reached your stars.

‘Torn To Pieces’ A Tribute To A Lost Father

pop evil

Brandy Pettigrew interviews Pop Evil’s Leigh Kakaty about the band’s moving hit single.

Father, My Father: Forgiving My Dad and Myself on Father’s Day

Father's Day 2014 - The Whole Parent

And as I forgive my father for his loss of control and family, for the divorce, and for not taking care of himself long enough to see me and my kids. Today, I forgive him, but I am also learning to forgive myself for the failure of my marriage.

10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Becoming a Dad

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Dad

Michael Khoo shares helpful and funny tips for new dads to enjoy the ride of fatherhood.

The Essence of Fatherhood: 6 Simple Lessons


Leo Babauta gives stellar advice on how to be a father.