Honoring Father’s Day: Because it Really is HIS Day

Melanie Campbell believes we should stop stereotyping dads as not being equal parents and give them the recognition they deserve.

The Non-Rational Divorce

Divorce law is biased in favor of the mom. The minute she says, “I’m considering a divorce,” the man’s livelihood and balance of power is stripped away by the courts and my the formerly loving spouse.

Father Rebuilds Life With Daughter After Losing Her in a Wrongful Adoption

Now together, father, daughter, and a support group of family and friends are all building a bright future for a beautiful and bubbly little girl.

Ok Now What?

The unanticipated question of parental alienation

#57: The Dad who Challenged Amazon

Because of Oren Miller, we are all gadflies in Amazon’s ointment. And despite weeks of silence, I hope Amazon is listening.

Why Father’s Rights is a Win for Women’s Rights

Mark Greene believes that freeing women from the domestic sphere while supporting men to enter that sphere is a win/win.

Stay At Home Dads Should Thank Betty Friedan and Co.

David Pisarra sees the changes in the way men and dads are perceived, he sees the changes in the homes and courts—and he gives credit to feminism for helping to make that happen.

Four Ways Great Dads Are Discriminated Against and What We Can Do About It

Could equal rights for fathers be the key to helping more mums and dads to have it all?

Why Dads Should Take Paternity Leave

Canadian Michael Cusden fought guilt and worry at the onset of his six-month parental leave.

Why Would a Dad Deface the Queen of England?

Fathers’ Day is an opportunity to remember the challenges faced by dads as the shape of the modern family keeps shifting

It’s Time to Stop Discriminating Against Men (and Women)

Have you ever met someone who complains about sex discrimination against one gender and then supports sex discrimination when it’s the other way around? Our International Men’s Movement editor Glen Poole shares some personal experiences of sexism in surprising places.

Which Nation Produces The World’s Best Dads?

Which country is ‘The Daddy of Them All’ at producing great fathers? It’s time for an ‘International Dad Fight’ to find out.

Join the International Men’s Movement Today

A global call to action from Glen Poole, the Good Men Project’s new international men’s movement editor.

French Father Who Wants Visitation Enters Fourth Day of Protest

Fathers in France are demanding the right to parent their children.

Army Sergeant Dad, Terry Achane, Reunited With Daughter That Wife Gave Up for Adoption Without Consent

United States Army Drill Sergeant Terry Achane, the father whose wife put up their baby for adoption without his knowledge or approval, has his daughter back.

A Family Law Attorney on Gratitude

Adversity fosters gratitude.