That Day I Just Wanted to Rent The Boxcar Children

dad and sons watching tv

For this Dad, his colleague’s low-key life looks tempting, until he thinks about missing his “Dadderdays.”

14 Rules for Understanding Teenagers and Cats


Trying to understand his son, Sean Swaby discovered that teenagers are just like cats.



A lesson in perception, from an unexpected source.

Fans of All Ages Showed up for Wizard World Sacramento

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Jay Snook attended this year’s Wizard World in Sacramento, and it was one for the record books This years’s Wizard World Comic Con has come and gone in Sacramento, and man was there so much to see and do for fans of all ages. I had the chance to be there all three days, and […]

Dear Dad: The One With the Truth About Childbirth


A pregnant mom worries about her partner’s first time in the birthing room and turns to ‘Dear Dad’ for advice on how to prepare him for the truth about childbirth. — Dear Dad,   I recently discovered your column and love your advice! I hope you can help me! I am 8 months pregnant and […]

I Can’t Not Feel This

How Can I Not by Chris Pizzitola

Cabot O’Callaghan captures that moment when the tidal wave of life takes you under, and you surface, grateful to be alive.

A Close Call Between the Fireflies


Steven Berger shares a terrifying story — and a reminder of why we hug our children tight.

How Much of Your Past Should You Reveal to Your Teenager?


How do you let your teens know you understand the unique situations they find themselves in without confessing titillating details of your own past?

10 Dads You Wish Would Adopt You


Our heroes: As equal partners, these dads are raising healthy, independent, and empowered children.

Why a Best Friend is Hard for a Good Man to Find


As our culture and society have denormalized authentic male friendships, more men are finding themselves lonely and depressed. It’s time to showcase masculinity as depending on and helping others, rather than a man alone.

9 Things Every Woman Wants the Father of Her Children to Do


Grand gestures are great, but it’s the little things that win your family’s heart.  — They’re made tackling each other in the back yard. Parenting requires big tasks. It’s a heavy job. Sometimes moms and dads can get overwhelmed by the huge responsibilities that lie in this position. While the big things are critical, sometimes […]

My Midlife Crisis


JD Roberto reflects on waking up one day and asking, “Whoa, how the hell did I get all the way over here?”

It’s Always Nice to See You, My Friend: A Father’s Advice on Humility, Respect, and Fast Cars


A secret back door and wise advice from a car dealer’s father leads to the ride of John Trybulec’s life.

Fathers, You Can Stay Connected To Your Children

Fathers, You Can Stay Connected To Your Children

Flipping the script around men seeking a relationship with their kids is a big goal of The Fatherhood Support Network.

I Found My Biological Father Four Years After His Death


I searched for my biological father for years with no luck. Until that one phone call in 2008 changed it all.

Remembering Reverend Clementa Pickney


A letter to one of the nine lost in Charleston.