The GMO Labeling Movement is a Fraud

GMO labelling Daquella manera:Flickr

Strip away the layers and follow the money to find the truth behind the GMO labelling campaign.

If I Were an Evil Genius

Your TV is Lying to You mjtmail (tiggy):Flickr

Entertainment is a powerful tool of control. Do those who own the media own you?

Saving My Sons: The Race to Yes


A pending FDA decision could determine whether this generation of children is the last to die from Duchenne, or the first generation to live.

Father Appeals to Fathers to Save Son

unlikely hero 1

Nine year old Ryan Dunne has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Without FDA approval, he’ll never get the meds that might save his life. Here’s how you can help.

How Poorly Regulated Drugs Could be Leading to Cruel and Unusual Executions


During recent executions, inmates were observed to gasp, convulse, and turn purple over periods much longer than the typical lethal injection. All of these executions used drugs made by pharmacies not regulated by the FDA.

Natural Doesn’t Always Equal Healthy


Just because something is an herbal supplement or says “natural” on the label, it doesn’t mean it’s good for us.

AMA Votes to End Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood

gay, blood donations, outdated science

For 30 years, gay men have been prohibited from donating blood; the AMA has decided that it is time for that to change.

The Truth About the Water Crisis


Nannette Ricaforte explores the question, “Do we have the resources to end the global water crisis?”

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: Let’s Talk About HPV

michael douglas and catherine zeta jones_opt

Michael Douglas’ candid talk about the connection between cunnilingus and cancer has inadvertently brought about a higher awareness of HPV and reminded the world that dental dams and vaccinations are out there for a reason.

NEWSER: Scientists Test Meth Addiction ‘Cure’


Scientists are testing a drug that may ‘cure’ meth addiction, and early results are good.

Male Birth Control Vasalgel (RISUG) Ready For Human Trials This Year?

RISUG-Closeup2 (380x358)

Could this be the best birth control out there?

Actor Jack Klugman Dies at Age 90

Jack Klugman_GMP (588x331)

Although few will remember, Jack Klugman was a strong advocate for critical health-care legislation.

Halt, Hef! Playboy Mogul Gives Runaway Bride A Second Chance

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 8.24.12 AM

Jamie Reidy comments on Hugh Hefner’s back-on relationship with his Runaway Bride.

When It Comes To Birth Control, Where Are The Men?

Screen shot 2012-02-27 at 10.54.24 PM

Deanna Ogle examines Georgia Democrats’ attempt to ban vasectomies.

Why Are Teens Smoking More Pot and Cutting Down on Alcohol and Cigarettes?


Marijuana use rises among teens as perception of it’s harm shifts, AlterNet’s Kristen Gwynne reports.

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