This is Why Millennials Are Afraid of Marriage

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Is fear paralyzing our ability to commit… or are we being given a bad rap?

Five Signs She Isn’t Ready for an Exclusive Relationship

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Women can be commitment-phobes too. Here’s how to know if you should give up and move on.

18 Ways You Destroy Your Chances At Having The Love You Truly Deserve

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Love is scary, but you don’t have to let fear ruin your relationships.

5 Things I Had To Overcome To Find My Dream Woman


Jordan Gray had to give up a lot in order to find his dream woman… and it was all worth it.

How Commitment Makes You Completely Free

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Jordan Gray says that putting down roots doesn’t chain you down, it grounds you.

3 Reasons You Don’t Actually Have Commitment Issues


Jordan Gray says that your commitment issues might just be your excuse you’re hiding behind.

How My Dad’s Serial Marriage Affected Me

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I never expected how my father’s serial divorce would affect me over time.

I’m For Commitment, Just Not Marriage

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For this week’s Man Up Monday, Carlos Andrés Gómez explains how the love of his life opened him up to a new model of life-long commitment.

Another Impossibly Awkward Conversation


In the follow-up to his original “Awkward Conversation,” Oliver Lee Bateman offers a disturbing example of a man who refuses to commit.