Go Ahead, Paint Yourself Like a Bobcat


Navigating the world of pregnancy photos is tricky business.

How Commitment Makes You Completely Free

Couple holding hands at sunset on beach. Romantic young couple i

Jordan Gray says that putting down roots doesn’t chain you down, it grounds you. —– For the past six years I couldn’t have been more of a commitment-phobe. I engaged in relationships with an obviously limited future. I hopped around from city to city and have never once had a year lease anywhere. But now, […]

The Pursuit of Hope: Rediscovering Humanity for All


Ernest Roberts believes that with a little faith, we can blur the lines between black and white.

The Importance of Living Without Personal Fears


People are afraid of countless things but the last thing we should ever fear is ourselves. Removing fears based around personal insecurities is an empowering, and simple, process.

7 Choices You Can Make Today to Live Your Best Life


Bernard Haynes says these seven choices are either helping or hurting the way you live life.

What I Fear As A Black Man In America


LeRon Barton talks about what he fears—not for himself, but for the boys still coming up.

10 Things You Must Stop Doing That Sabotage Your Success


Bernard Haynes let doubt and fear keep him from an amazing life. Once he let go and learned these lessons, he was able to achieve success. He says you can too.

Finding Inspiration: Stalking the Bogeyman


A powerful play with a message of hope and healing.

How To Eliminate The Destructive Force Of Fear


Essential advice for self and world transformation.

Fallout From Ferguson: The Biggest Threat to Our Country

peaceful protest ferguson

David Shechtman discovers that the only way to address the issue is to replace fear with relationships.

Things You Might Have Missed

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A Stroke of Difference


A brain hemorrhage led to a life-changing stroke for Ade Djajamahardja at age 42. First came the fear. And then came his new life.

Men’s Rites of Passage: The Almost Lost Tradition

Rite of Passage

Even in our technologically advanced society the ancient Rite of Passage has much to offer the Modern Man and may in fact help him find his way within it.

The End

sam simon

What do we do when we know we are going to die? Look to Sam Simon for inspiration.

My Rape Doesn’t Define Me


Alyssa Royse’s experience with rape helped her find strength and individuality, and a message of hope.

A Hero Is Created in a Split-Second—But Only With the Wisdom of a Lifetime

miracle on hudson flight 1549 crash

Captain Chelsey Sullenberger is Breaking Barriers: From the United States Air Force to the Miracle on the Hudson to Making our Future Safer.