18 Things I Never Did Before My Divorce

Divorce doesn’t change who you are. It changes how you experience yourself and your life every single day thereafter.

Teaching Brothers Gratitude for Each Other — & Themselves

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Gratitude With Grrrrrrrr-Attitude!

Tell me NOW what you are Grateful for!

Thoughts on Ending Racial Alienation

While in France this summer, Bill Eddy took a quiet moment to reflect on racial tension in the U.S., not knowing just how synchronous a location he was feeling inspired by.

Sex Drive: Who Does It Best?

Who belongs in the drivers’ seat in the on-road battle of the sexes?

Just Introduce Me As Your Girlfriend Already

Comedian Amy Dresner explains why the “girlfriend” title is so important to women, and why men should overcome the fear of assigning it.

Finding The Fountain of Youth in Pickup Football

For two hours each week, a group of middle-aged men get away from the grind & recapture the best feelings of their varsity days.

The Changing Roles of Men on Thanksgiving

My father was a couch potato. My husband makes the whipped potatoes.

Facebook Gets It, Guys. Here Comes Break-Up Protection!

Facebook’s new privacy feature allows you to “Take-a-Break” from your ex without having to unfriend them.

Manly Men (With Cats) Melt Me

Arianna Jeret sings Mo(vember) praises as men discover their deeply hidden love of cats.

Cougars, Cat Woman, & Cat Ladies! Where Are The Cat Men?

If our beloved pets can defy gender stereotypes, shouldn’t we be able to do the same?

Who Are High Conflict People?

Bill Eddy explains the terms related to High Conflict People and their disputes, and how to use them in a positive, practical way.

Why My Boys Don’t Have a Male Teacher

Anna Rosenblum Palmer wonders how to answer her son when he asks, “Why don’t I have any men as teachers?”

Codependency Isn’t a Disorder, It’s a Relationship Dynamic

This covert victim-blaming further damages self-esteem & gifts abusers with an excuse for the inexcusable.

3 Reasons James Bond is a More Boring Man Than You

Therapist Dwight Hurst explores how 007 has ventured beyond the realm of tired stereotypes, and not necessarily for the better.

Should All The Single Ladies Put a Ring On It Too?

How one husband-to-be took Beyonce’s challenge to heart — and raised the bar.