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The Healing Power of Compassion

Dr. Edward Adams talks about how to elicit men’s compassion towards themselves and others.  Ben was a wounded man. His wife divorced him to marry her lover and moved far away making it inaccessible and expensive for Ben to father his three children in a meaningful way. He defined himself as “a man reduced to […]

Numbness and How to Not Feel It

It sounds oxymoronic, but not feeling numbness is the key to unlocking success in health, wealth, and relationships… so why is it so hard for manly men to feel?

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As funny as it sounds, I’m thankful for this broken heart; I’m thankful for this sh*tty feeling because I know, deep down, she changed me and I’m better off for it.

Redefining the Strong Man

For men to be whole, the image of the strong man must change.

Do You Know All That Love is?

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