“Shouldn’t a Gentleman be Primarily Concerned with Doing the Right Thing?”


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Return of the Gentleman


Bettina Goodwin rethinks the the word gentleman, laying out 10 defining characteristics of what that means to the modern man.

Conflict? Don’t Take It Personally


In living in a world with 6.75 billion other human beings, we run up against each other all the time. Theresa Byrne wants you not to take things so personally.

Six Tips For Feeling, Not Fixing


Theresa Byrne says that by avoiding or resisting something, we give more power to it.

How To Love Like You Did When It Was New

Love Bryan Brenneman

Mark A. Michaels & Patricia Johnson on how Love is profound interest.

“When a guy finds a safe place to talk without judgment, the floodgates open.”

safe talk

Great article, Aaron. I LOVE the last two sentences. As we’ve talked about, with many men it takes a gut wrenching, 2×4 club to the stomach sort of epiphany to want to talk. When my clients reach this point of pain, hunger, or fear…they finally call. When a guy finds a safe place to talk without judgment, the flood gates open. Sometimes it’s way too late. Even then it doesn’t matter. He needs to work on being better at his NEXT relationship.
Then he has to decide if he actually going to DO anything different. If nothing changes – nothing changes.
Title: When a guy finds a safe place to talk without judgment, the floodgates open.

On Being a Man

Sometimes we are alone.

Because sometimes it’s scary being a man.

We’re Men. We Don’t Talk About Our Feelings.

Zeno, stoicism, feelings, emotions, men,

Aaron Anderson describes how overcoming the stereotype of the silent stoic could help men take responsibility for their relationships.

When Your Child Comes Home Crying

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Nothing can bring out your inner Mamma or Pappa Bear faster than when your child comes home crying. Heather Gray has some advice on how to deal with this difficult parenting situation.

I’m Going to Take Down the Walls and Bare My Scars

I'm going to take down my walls photo by articotropical

Arthur Dubay wonders why it’s relatively easy for him to open up to strangers, and much more difficult to do so with the ones he loves.

Sharing What This Man Feels

drinks and thoughts

Orin J. Hahn shares a peek inside the thought process of being a feeling man, and doesn’t think he’s alone.

Mindfulness for Fathers: Five Difficult Feelings We Can Learn to Love

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It’s a tall order for many men to even acknowledge difficult feelings. But love them? That’s just going too far. But of course, going farther and loving deeper than you knew you could is what fatherhood, and life, demands.

Getting Real about the Emotional Range of Men


Joe Rutland challenges men to feel outside the gender box.

The Good Men Playlist : 8 Bossa Nova Songs for a Sad Man

bossa nova

Feeling sadness is common, expressing it is another story. Brazilian Bossa Nova is here, happy to help.

In Touch With My Feminine Side…If You Like It or Not

See, I'm not THAT scary.

Wil Elrick is 6’7″. He wrestled a bear. But he’ll surprise you with what else he likes to – and will – do.

I Never Learned How to Feel

She said infinity is a great place to start photo by xanetia

With a clear message to forget his feelings amidst a fractured family, Christian Clifton finds himself robot-like when it comes to his emotions.