What Does the ‘Male Gaze’ Mean, and What About a Female Gaze?

What is the male gaze, and does the female gaze exist?

100 Words on Love: For Me?

Your body launched me back in time, to that first moment when you showed me my own eternity.

Colbert, Stewart, and Carell Prove that Humor and Brains Are Guys’ Best Features

This silly Throwback Thursday from The Daily Show of three of the funniest men alive had women fanning themselves and swooning… Are brains the biggest ignitor of female gaze?

My Daguerrotype Boyfriend: Men Have Always Been Sexy

The most fun thing about antique photography? Dude watching!

Male Bodies and Objectification

When women objectify men’s bodies, how does that affect our cultural concepts of desire and agency?

Men Must Be Needed Because We Can’t Be Wanted

We believe we have to be the heroes only because we can’t yet see other roles for ourselves.

Danny Brown’s Availability

White women assuming sexual power over black men is not a new story, says Robert Reece, of news that Danny Brown received unwanted oral sex on stage.

Do You Think Men Are Objectified in Movies?

Heather N argues that men are sexualized in movies based on what they do. Avern argues that even the perception of power and strength aren’t an indicator of character, and thus don’t make the images any less sexual. Do you agree?

Invisible Man [Poem]

Rick Belden asks, what will become of him, now that women look right through him as if he weren’t there at all?

Why I Don’t Hate on Justin Bieber

Why do we harshly judge a teenage boy for not being man enough?

Gaze of the Beholder

It’s not about you, says LabRat. The gaze of the beholder is the reason why you don’t find Twilight appealing, and aren’t supposed to.

The Success Myth

Noah Brand tells of his greatest professional failure, explaining his theory of The Success Myth, and introducing the idea of the female gaze.