Are You Just One of The Boys?

break the mold

Why is being “Just one of the boys” a bad thing?

Are Masculinity and Femininity Mutually Exclusive? [Part 2]


Jonathan Delavan disputes the generally accepted concept that masculinity and femininity are mutually opposing natures.

Yes, Chivalry and Equality CAN Co-Exist

chivalry and feminism

James M. Sama debunks the myth that women’s equality means chivalry has to die… it’s quite the opposite, in fact.

Names Matter – So Why Are Only Women Expected to Change Them?


Zoe Saldana’s husband took her last name, and John Dwyer wonders why men changing their names is so uncommon.

A Woman Is More Than the Sum of Her Parts

A Woman Is More by torbakhopper

Siobhán Lynch says Elinor Burkett’s complaint about Caitlyn Jenner becoming a stereotypical woman doesn’t add up.

I Want a New Definition of Masculinity


The modern definition of what makes a man is damaging. Conor O’Shea is tired of it.

Anti-Semitism, Caitlyn Jenner, and the Insecure Male


One of the Internet’s most popular Men’s Rights Activists is blaming the positive media coverage of Caitlyn Jenner on the Jews. Yes, you read that correctly.

I Call Myself Dad, But Don’t Call Myself Feminist


I don’t call myself a feminist, because I’ve been part of the problem far more frequently than I’ve been part of any solution to equality.

I Will Call You Caitlyn


What happens when our sensibilities and progressive views are put to the test? Writer Alison Tedford gives us a personal glimpse into her journey of understanding.

Why We Should Stop Saying “Friend Zone”

Friend Zone

Matthew Rozsa discusses the term “friend zone” – and why we should get rid of it.

To the Man Who Stomped On Me For Helping Women Pray

Western Wall prayers for women

We stand with women who fight injustice, with women willing to face violence and arrest to claim rights denied them.

On the Curious Dialectic of the Men’s Rights Movement

On the Curious by Micolo J

Jeremy Brunger deconstructs the Men’s Rights Movement, piece by twisted piece.

The Role of Men in the 2016 Presidential Election


The chances are pretty good that women’s issues will be front-and-center in the 2016 presidential election… and we may even have a female candidate!

Celebrating Men Who Honor Women

Celebrating by Ashleigh W

Trish Everett wants all you guys who honor women to know how much you’re appreciated.

Feminist Dad Ditches Dress Code Sexism for His Daughter (and the Rest of Us)

alison-jef-dad ice cream

What is a father to do when the rules seem sexist? Alison Tedford interviews Jef Rouner about this very issue.

The Plight of the Basement Dweller


Basement dwellers. Trolls. We’re all familiar with this personality type: Matthew Rozsa offers an explanation as to why they exist in the first place.