Libidos, Assumptions, and Miscommunication


The way we talk about sex is based on some very dubious assumptions, starting with the idea that “normal” is a thing.

For Men, Honoring Women Is Not Optional

Men are aching to honor women photo by Bryan Reeves

Reflecting on the remarkable women who raised him, Bryan Reeves calls for men who honor women to stand up and teach men who don’t know how.

What Is A “Real Man”?


Ryan “Brown” Dalton on the REAL MAN campaign, and the questions of why we even need a term like “real man” to begin with.

Being a Better Man By Being a ‘Male Feminist’

woman subway platform

William Wright wants men to join him on the right side of history.

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5 Reasons Why Feminism Needs to Address Child Abuse (While Yes, Recognizing That Women Can Be Abusive Too)


When it comes to addressing domestic abuse and working to eradicate it, feminism has played a critical role. But we need to see the abuse of children for what it is, regardless of the abuser’s gender.

Laura Kipnis and the Double Standard of Man Bashing


“It’s worth noting, that a man could never get away with writing about a comparable list of disgraced women.”

The Roots of Nerd Rage, Part 1


From “fake geek girls” to Gamergate, a certain demographic seems constantly, causelessly angry. But are you sure it’s the demographic you think it is?

Tweets of the Day: Feminism, Boys, and Addiction


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A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Rose McGowan on the War for Equality


Rose McGowan caused a stir by accusing the “gay community” of misogyny instead of leadership on feminist issues. This gay dad answers her request for guidance.

Sh*t’s Tough For Girls: Why I’m A Feminist Dad


The fact that I want to raise awareness about the challenges faced by girls takes nothing away from my son, myself, or men in general.

A Dad Loses His Battle Against the Pink Princess Prison


Gilberto Lucero swore his beloved little girl would not succumb to the “pink princess prison.” She had other ideas.

I Don’t Want to Be a Feminist

Sally Ride

Once hopeful that the “post-feminist world” had arrived, Amy Vernon finds she still needs to be a feminist, even if she doesn’t want to be.

Ten Reasons Why Tony Abbott Shouldn’t Be Australia’s Minister For Women


Tony Abbott makes a poor choice for Australia’s Minister for Women, even if he is the Prime Minister.

Take Us Off The Pedestal, Please: Women Can Be Just As Evil As Men


‘Gone Girl’ is a reminder of a fact society has long had a hard time grasping: Moral depravity knows no gender.

He for She—Inviting Men to Address Gender Equality


Christian Lyons discusses the reasons for HeForShe and the conversations about gender equality that need to continue.