Confronting the Cynical, This Mom Believes in Paternity Leave and Abolishing Double Standards

Amy Warren Alpert found there were skeptics about fathers taking paternity leave. That was before she had kids. Here is what convinced her they are wrong.

Have Men Really Given Up On Marriage Because of Feminism? Babble of the Sexes Weighs the Cost of the Big Day

Feminism, the cost of a wedding, and trends in cohabitation have nothing to do with men giving up on wedded bliss. Babble of the Sexes climbs atop the cake for the big day conversation.

A Father Speaks on Her Gender Transition

Author, professor, and parent Joy Ladin speaks on her transition from male to female and how it has made her think about what it really means to be “a woman.”

Domestic Violence And Facebook: Harassment Takes New Forms In The Social Media Age

Australian law is yet to catch up with new forms of networked digital abuse against women.

Now That I Have Checked My Male Privilege…

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That’s What He Said: Women

Can men understand what women experience when they get objectified? These men can.

Third Wave Feminism Versus my Feminist Identity

In the wake of the Tara Brown tragedy, Polly Chester looks for her own identity as a feminist; and to the domestic violence crisis in this country.

5 Things I Learned About Manhood From The Internet

Life is too short. It’s fleeting. Spend it doing stuff that matters with people that matter. That’s probably the best and only advice on manhood you’ll ever need.

Feminism is for Everybody. That Includes Men.

Katherine Fritz, on the benefits of feminism for women and men.

Guys, It’s High Time We Stop Calling Women ‘Sluts’

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Quentin Lucas discusses the value in abortion jokes.

In Defense of My Slutty Halloween Costume

Olivia Joyce believes that woman should have the choice of whether to show off their body or not. What do you think?

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Joe DeProspero reflects on the importance of changing gender roles in the workplace and at home.

Conflict Avoidance is Not a Feminist Issue

We have become blind to the fact that a lack of knowledge of how to handle conflict is no longer, if it ever was, a feminist issue.

Rising from Silence: Struggles of Being a Muslim Feminist

How loud is your voice? Zeynab Ladak reflects on her journey of advocacy for all as a Muslim woman.

A Man’s Take on #StandWithPP: Abortion Helped Me Have My Family

Chris Crass raises his voice for reproductive justice.