Dear Certain Cisgender, Heterosexual, White Men in My Life

Saying whatever you want with the expectation that you’ll be corrected if you say something inappropriate is not a practice to live by.

Should Men Be Chivalrous Anymore?

In a world where women have fought and earned more rightful equality (though there is more to accomplish on that front) – is chivalry necessary or even ethical anymore?

What Does the ‘Male Gaze’ Mean, and What About a Female Gaze?

What is the male gaze, and does the female gaze exist?

Making A Relationship Gratitude List: How To Set A Positive Tone For The New Year

The easiest way to be happy in your relationship is to identify what makes you grateful about the other person. If the list is short you have to look harder . . . or for another person.

A Message to Women: It’s Not Us vs. Men

Why the battle brewing against the male gender is confusing the hell out of men. ___ Having been at the coaching game in the business world for 15+ years, it’s not until the recent past few years that I truly recognized the mounting battle that men are facing as they grow older. Mind you, men […]

8 Dad Stereotypes That are Anti-Feminist and Need to Stop

It’s the 21st century, and there are still dad stereotypes downright backwards thinking. Let’s change that now.

Our Disservice To Men: A Feminist’s Reflections On the Field Of Psychology

Sarah Suzuki on how psychology and feminism need to work together to understand both men and women.

The Octogenarian Asks the Feminist Sex Educator

Alice Isak raises important questions about consent and what it actually looks like and means.

How I’m Raising My Sons To Be Feminist

Nothing can really prepare you for being a parent. And there is no damn way anything can prepare you for being a step-parent.

I Call Myself Dad, But Don’t Call Myself Feminist

I don’t call myself a feminist, because I’ve been part of the problem far more frequently than I’ve been part of any solution to equality.

Rape Culture… In The Classroom?

We need to have legitimate conversations about modern masculinity and rape culture – we cannot be silent.

The Feminist Guide To Non-Creepy Flirting

Here are a few tips all men should know before approaching a woman.

Business Link of the Week: Emma Watson Tells World’s CEOs “Women Need to Be Equal”

Emma Watson, best known as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter films, spoke this week at the World Economic Forum about the importance of including women as equal participants in economic leadership.

Am I a Feminist? I’ll Let You Decide

Ally Fogg firmly believes that it is for women to decide feminism, and that includes what place men should or should not have in the movement.

Why I Hope Chelsea Clinton Has a Son

Mark Sherman believes that if Chelsea Clinton has another baby, its gender could make a big difference for boys and men in America.