Anti-Semitism, Caitlyn Jenner, and the Insecure Male


One of the Internet’s most popular Men’s Rights Activists is blaming the positive media coverage of Caitlyn Jenner on the Jews. Yes, you read that correctly.

5 Ways I’m Learning to Be a Better Feminist Ally

5 Ways by Flazingo

Matthew Facciani understands that for a man, becoming a feminist ally is an ongoing process, not a fait accompli.

Not All Feminists Are Female — Or Even Feminists


Women’s liberation and men’s liberation are opposite sides of the same coin — or maybe the same side of the same coin.

Changing Masculinity: It’s Time to Pivot

man and woman

What’s the real issue with masculinity and how do we go about changing it?

5 Lies that Distort Male Sexuality and Hurt Men

Harbor Kiss

The messages we receive about sex hurt men in a myriad of ways, too.

Was It Something I Said? Woman Goes Berserk On Guy Who Asked For Her Name (Video)


Sigh. Men, not all women want to be picked up or hit on by a guy. Especially guys who film their failed attempts.

My Mother’s Counter

cooking, men cooking, frying, frying pan, healthy cooking, man cooking

Has cooking just become a chore? Craig St. John reflects on the spirituality of finding and preparing food.

Ask the Feminist: Can Men Talking About Men’s Issues Be Feminists?

Mona Lisa, Museum of Science and Industry, feminism, male feminists, HeatherN, Good Men Project

GMP’s resident feminist, HeatherN, tackles readers’ questions about men and feminism and how society sees men’s issues.

Raising a Son Within the Princess Culture

Dresden Shumaker, princess culture, princess boys

Is girl power bad for boys?

Show Me the Money

New Yorker's wallet

Andy Bodle believes he’s uncovered the real cause of the gender pay gap.

Just Doing My Job


Justin Cascio’s life has been changed by the writers who reveal their own lives—and the taboos of our society.

GMP Founder Admits to Use of Make-Up

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 4.27.09 PM

Call me a cross-dresser, a hockey-player-groupie, a wanna be hard rocker. I don’t care. Because I still love my wife.

My Gain, Your Loss: Hair Removal, Feminism, and Interdependence


An ideology that lacks compassion for half of humanity will not secure freedom for anyone.

NYT: The Unrelenting Pink of Girl Toys Is Fading As Dads Do Their Part

Aisle of Pink_GMP

An inch at a time, the stark gendering of kids’ toys is loosening, and a new article talks about why.

The Vagina Dialogues

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 8.22.50 PM

What does it take to be an ally to women?

“If female culture picks up bad habits from men, it only makes the problem harder to deal with.”


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