I Want to Change the World by Changing My Mind

Quentin Lucas tells a short story to show how poor thinking can happen to any of us.

The Smiling Skeptic: An Excerpt from THE MIRACLE GIRL

“These things can be explained: the weeping icons, the bleeding statues, the healing of disease, the aberrations of sun and sky and light, the apparitions of Jesus and Mary and Springsteen.” By Andrew Roe

An Unlikely Love Story. The Best I Have Read In Years

Jesse Kornbluth reviews Seth Greenland’s novel, “I Regret Everything”.

Hollywood’s (Real) Problem with the Asian Male

“There are no Asian movie stars” – Aaron Sorkin

Rogue Male

We fear the unaffiliated terrorist, the lone wolf who looks like us, lives in our neighborhoods and waits for an opportunity to kill us. It was simpler in the old days, and simplest of all in “Rogue Male,” the story of a man who decides to kill the biggest target in the world. Jesse Kornbluth reviews.

How to Spot a Liar

All day long, people “leak deception.” Here’s how to tell when you’re being lied to.

El León, “The Closer”

Hero or goat, The Closer holds fans’ hearts in his hand.

Boots on the Ground? This Question Takes Me Back to 2003, and ‘Stuff Happens’

Jesse Kornbluth reviews David Hare’s “Stuff Happens”.

Popular ‘Facts’ That are Actually Bull S*it

Did Einstein really fail math when he was a student?

Why I Love (Good) Big Bad Guys…And Why You Should, Too

N.C. Harrison sings the praises of the massive, powerful bad guys who force our fictional heroes to rise to the occasion.

10 Gifts a Dad Should Teach His Daughter

10 gifts a daughter will treasure forever, no matter her age.

Flirting With a Fantasy

Bob Marrow makes an interesting point about age and attraction.


A wife falls apart, a marriage is broken, and a husband tries to pick up the pieces.

“The importance of reading books to kids…they associate it with love.”

This comment by Kelly on the post Reading Is For Girls

The Mask

A super-short work of fiction by Mark Sherman that the Woodstock Times called “a great, psychodrama-short story (involving psychoanalysis, no less).”

Flash and Dazzle Part 5: The Chapter About
 Expensive Things and 
Things That Shouldn’t Cost So Much

Part 5 of a 6 part serial from Lou Aronica and The Story Plant.