7 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From My Wife


She taught him lessons that made him a better husband and man. — It is hard to believe my wife and I have almost been married for twenty years. Over this time, I have learned a lot from her. Much of what I have learned has helped me become a better person and helped my […]

Where Do Men Go When They Are Afraid?


If men are supposed to be fearless, what do we do when we’re afraid?



Philip Clark recalls a combative father, and the unintended lessons he learned about men and love.

7 Secrets Of A Successful Relationship

Pay attention to your partner

Looking over his relationships, Steven Lake distills the elements that encourage lasting success. And it isn’t alcohol.

Why Finally Getting The Fight of The Century Makes Me Sad


The fight was canceled once because of performance enhancing drugs. Though it will finally occur, does the past-their-prime Mayweather v Pacquiao fight represent another loss to PEDs?

How To Stop Any Argument In Its Tracks (Yes, Really)

Happy Asian Couple

Jordan Gray says that all arguments can be diffused… you just have to know what to do.

Changing the World with New Forms of Thought

Caged Cameron Conaway

Getting to know the Warrior Poet, Tori Ufondu interviews Cameron Conaway

The Strength That Endures

100 man

The first punch doesn’t matter so much, instead it’s all about the man who keeps swinging until the end.

10 Tips For Fighting Fair(ly)

Fighting with Love

Steven Lake examines practical ways of being that help in managing conflict with your partner. Not always easy, but well worth it.

7 Reasons Why Fighting Is Good For Your Relationship

Fighting is good for the relationship

How can fighting be good for anything? Steven Lake explores how this works in relationship.

When is Enough, Enough?

Enough is Enough

How do you face the reality in what was to be forever, ending?

Portrait of Jealousy: A Man Accused

Portrait of Jealousy by Terry Moore

Did this man’s roving eyes really ruin the picnic outing, or was it his wife’s jealous nature?

Here’s the Bad News, Son

shiner photo by Martin Thomas

Steve Almond’s reflections on having a baby boy, after a lifetime of trying to deal with aggression.

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“Crying is usually associated with sadness…not in heat of battle or…mortally dangerous situation.”

Crying silence

This comment by Mark on the post Men Have Tear Ducts Too

They Say It Takes a Village, But How Many Villagers Do You Really Want Raising Your Kids?

photo by clairity

Ben Martin thinks about the awkwardness of correcting other people’s kids – and his hesitancy to accept other parents correcting his own.

Teaching Kids to Deal With Bullies

bully, bullies, school, zone, kids, sign

Chris Bernholdt tries to teach his kids by example. It sounds like his son has been paying attention.