Why My Husband & I Don’t Fight

husband and wife

Bettina Goodwin discusses her marital foundation—how her and her husband are able to cultivate constant harmony with one another.

Fighting Spirit: When Tables Turn On the Bully


This is the world we’re giving you, kids. A world in which one or more people will video what’s happening instead of helping.

How to Be With Your Partner When She Pushes You Away (in 2 Steps)

I hate it when we fight. Jonathan just turns away and pretends I don't exist.

Christian Pedersen describes two simple steps that separate you from connecting with a partner who is distancing herself.

Does Anger Belong In Loving Relationships?


Dr. Bill Cloke meets a lot of angry couples in his therapy practice, but he’s developed an effective system for resolving conflict without screaming and yelling.

Blood Lessons: Stepping Into the Ring and Pushing Back Against Life


Martial artist, coach, and award-winning war correspondent, Shawn Rhodes shares what he’s learned from his years on the mat.


Fight photo from Ghostboy

Fouad Alaa says that since fights are inevitable, couples should find ways to build from them, rather than fall apart.

How To Tell Someone Off Without Being A Sexist, Racist A*Hole

Photo: Flickr / Lieutenant Pol

It’s okay to give someone a piece of your mind. Just make sure it’s an intelligent piece, that actually communicates something.

Hitting My Son


David Karpel on training his son in self-defense and character development.

War. What Is It Good For? Still Absolutely Nothing.

War Huh What Is It Good For Photo by Aheram

Marines who fought at the battle for Fallujah are now wondering if they fought in vain. Which prompts Michael Kasdan to seek an answer to the question of what war is really good for.

“How should a man handle himself when challenged?” Comment and Open Thread


This comment is by Sean, on the post Is Fighting a Part of Manhood

To the Year 2014, A Promise. [A poem]

Over the Times Square News Years Eve Ball 2013 to 2014

A poem by Bruce Ditman.

It’s Not Just Men: a Woman’s Journey to Learn Empathy

Hearts all a Flickr by Flickr.Neal Fowler

Valerie Greene took away one last lesson from her marriage before it ended that changed how she understood Men.

I Was My Girlfriend’s First Boyfriend: Tips for Newcomers

first girlfriend boyfriend photo by yusunkwon

Nick Jurczak realizes both the awesomeness and the responsibility of being the first boyfriend his girlfriend has ever had. He shares what he had learned.

Control the Anger or Lose the Relationship

Good Men Project, Relationships, Love, Sex, Anger, Controlling your Anger, Steven Lake, Dr. Steven Lake,

Dr. Steven Lake explains the importance of taking ownership of your anger

The End of Contact Sports

the end of contact sports by uscpsc flickr

Can we find a compromise that will protect young and adult athletes from themselves, yet keep our treasured competitions exhilarating?



Nothing says “sorry” like a fist.