The Best of “Sports Explained . . .” for 2014

If you make only one resolution in 2015, make sure you resolve to checkout our “Sports Explained…” series every week. We promise you’ll flip over them— you’re welcome!

Sports Explained: Figure Skating

Wai Sallas asks himself what *would* Brian Boitano do, as he explains the glitz, glamour, and power . . . of Figure Skating.

A Lesson in Figure Skating and Black Men

Adam Dyer knows full well what it’s like to be a black guy obsessed with figure skating.

Lutz or Flutz? The Tricky Physics of Figure Skating

Figure skating is at once artistic, athletic and breathtaking. Here’s a glimpse into the science that makes it so entertaining.


“My girlfriend, the incredibly hot born-again Christian to whom I lost my virginity, asked me if you were an actual fag, or if you just acted like one.” By Michael Rowe

You Don’t Know Jack

The epitome of cool quietly retired from acting recently. Greg White recalls his brief meeting with the legendary Jack Nicholson.

My Life as a Male Figure Skater

In the Eighties, Kenny Bodanis endured homophobic jeers for his love—of the challenge, camaraderie, and spotlight—of life as a male figure skater.

Sexism and Sports: Just the Way We Want It.

Sex, Size, and Money: the three reasons men and women rarely face one another in a sports arena.
Sexism, Prejudice, and Stodginess: the three reasons things won’t change even if they could.