Queer History 101: Pioneers in the U.S. and Europe


Censorship measures in the 20th century sought to limit the depiction of same-sex relationships. Not everyone went along with the rules.

Breathe: The Air of the Moment


Living, breathing, being. Life should be that simple.

Glass Eyes of Locust Bayou: A Blurred and Tangled Universe

glass eyes

Phil Chambliss is a 59-year old filmmaker from rural Arkansas. He makes weird and wonderful films that are a bizarre alter-universe mirroring America.

Father Figure—Zun Lee’s Exploration of Black Fatherhood

Father Figure by Zun Lee

Abandoned by his own father before birth, Zun Lee is out to bust the stereotypes of black fatherhood by showing us a different picture.

Black Theory

black theory

A short film by Dennis Williams on racism in the media.

‘Boyhood’. The GMP Review.


The GMP’s resident film critic Eric Shapiro shares his thoughts on Richard Linklater’s groundbreaking movie.

Going Dark: The Final Days of Film Projection


It’s another nail in the coffin of Hollywood’s Golden Era.

Film has a lot to Learn From TV When it Comes to LGBT Representation


It is undeniable that Hollywood does very little to advance the representation of LGBT characters.

‘Life Itself’. The Review.


The legendary film critic Roger Ebert is remembered in the documentary ‘Life Itself’. You will also remember this fantastic review of the film by Eric Shapiro.



Jesse Kornbluth reviews Chile’s new film.

Linklater’s ‘Boyhood': the Stoicism of Modern American Childhood


Director Richard Linklater has completed one of the most important films ever made about the American family.

Barcelona Like You’ve Never Seen It. A Beguiling 2 Minute Time Lapse


Truly, to call this a time-lapse doesn’t do it justice. The city sparkles and comes alive.

Missing the Closeness of Brotherhood: An Interview With Sebastian Junger


“We have the most effective military in world history and we can’t schedule a simple surgery for one of our vets. It’s just insane.”

If You Get Dizzy Easily, You Might Not Want to Watch This. (A Video Where Still Photos Go Round and Round)

arc of wonder

It’s called “the arc of wonder”. And this is art in the 21st century.

“Not Much to See”

not much to see

Stereotypes take many social forms, listen to the blind talk about their joy of cinema.

New Dr. King Film to Feature Colman Domingo as Ralph Abernathy


Gregory Walker, Founder of The Brothers’ Network, responds to the news of Colman Domingo being tapped to play MLK’s right-hand man in new film.