You Need This List: 11 Things Happy Couples Never Do


Could happiness really be about good habits?

Giving an Allowance: Are You Raising a Shoplifter or a CEO?

Giving an Allowance: Are You Raising a Shoplifter or a CEO?

Mike Reynolds considers the hypothetical extremes—the pros, cons, and everything in between—of deciding whether or not to give his five-year-old daughter her first allowance.

While the Rest of the World Supports Families and Children, the U.S. is a Global Embarrassment


America: We are behind the times, and it’s embarrassing. Nick Chiles calls for nation wide action.

7 Challenges of Being Good Men in Committed Relationships

The offer

Steven Lake Explores the Influences That Challenge Men to Remain Faithful

Should Couples Share Finances?

photo by byebyempire

Chris Hicke argues for couples to have both a joint account and separate accounts when looking at overall finances. What do you think?

What Exactly Do We Owe Our Kids?

What Exactly Do We Owe Our Kids?

In light of a recent news story about a teenager suing her parents for college tuition, Larry Bernstein wonders what essential items parents should be obligated to provide for their children.

Thumbing for Nickels

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Rob Azevedo watched as his father died broke, and sees his neighbor about to do the same. Is this the new norm for all of who face aging today?

Are You Financially Bullying Your Partner (or Vice Versa)? (VIDEO)

financial bullying

Bullying isn’t just a kid problem. Is someone picking on you financially?

The Financial States of America: Interactive Infographic


A quick and easy way to see how individual states compare financially for those considering relocation for employment purposes.

Healthy Attachments to Money


We all need money to survive in this society. If there is a healthy relationship to money, what does that look like?

How To Leave Your Legacy

photo kevin dooley

Eric Leech believes you should not only create your legacy. You should live it.

“I made a terrifying discovery: after 17 years of credit card abuse, my cards were full and I couldn’t juggle payments anymore.”


This is a comment by Black and Blue Man on the post “Open Thread: What Have You Bounced Back From?”

Why I Didn’t Go To Your Show (And Why You Probably Won’t Go To Mine)

Empty Seats

Josh Bowman explains why he didn’t go to your show. It’s not personal.

Want a More Organized, Secure Digital Life? Try LifeKeep


LifeKeep is a secure and personal cloud account for storing photos, financial records, documents, and even all the passwords you can’t remember!

“My first year of marriage sucked. People expect what they see on TV and marriage is no exception.”


This is a comment by Tom B on the post “What Marriage Isn’t”.