This Valentine’s Day, Do Your Own Thing

Overdone fantasy romance, special partner time, loneliness, or none of the above?

Here is the Video You Want for Your New Year’s Eve Party Tonight!

Tonight ring in the new year with a bang! Here is the video with which to do it!


Sarah Ann Winn celebrates the Fourth of July with a parade of images.

16 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Workaholic

Edie Weinstein almost worked herself to death. Now she’s sharing tips to maintain a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Songs From 2014 That Changed My Life

James Shotwell’s look back on 2014 and the songs that had a profound impact on his life.

How About We Fly a Video Drone Through a Fireworks Display?

Why didn’t I think of that?

A Drone Flies Into the Middle of Exploding Fireworks to Film Them. Watch and You Shall See.

The drone survived, intact.

Carnival Strongmen and Sledgehammers: Behind the Scenes of a July 4 Fireworks Show

I never knew how fireworks operated until an embarrassingly late age, but I had a seemingly iron-clad theory.

‘Tonight You Belong To Me’ – Performed by a 4 Year-Old and Her Pink Ukelele-Playing Dad

A Four-year-old sings “Tonight You Belong To Me” — a keeps thinking she hears fireworks.

Eyes Devour

Deanna Ogle reflects on grief, David Rakoff, and fireworks.


 “What did it mean to be a person in this world?” 3-year-old Walter asks himself somewhere in his subconscious in this weekend’s brilliant story by Sarah Tourjee. Isn’t that the question we’re all asking? As a parent, and as a person, this story seemed necessary to me, in its struggle to figure out what one’s place […]

A Letter to My Nephew Who Is Away at Summer Camp

Advice from Uncle Sean on drug use, growing up, New York City, and having your heart broken.

Dear John: The Friend Who Knew Too Much

This week Dear John talks about secrets discovered through an affair, an insistent spanker, and family explosions.

What’s So Great About America?

What do you think of Forbes’ annual list of 100 Great Things About America?

Video: 4th of July Fireworks Failures

Jamie Reidy shares some less than successful Independence Day fireworks displays.

Character Lesson

That which does not kill you, builds character.