How To Plan Powerful First Dates

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Jordan Gray says that planning new and unique dates can be fun. You just have to follow these simple guidelines.

7 Proven Reasons Why It’s Perfectly Okay To Have Sex On The First Date


A female writer takes a bold stance. Sex on a first date is actually pretty cool.

The Scary Internal Monologue of a First Date (video)

true first date

You’ve been there… you probably know it well.

First Love: Score

Memories of a beanbag...and so much more.

Scott Heydt recalls a first for him when he was 12 years old.

Searching for a Partner: Expectations, Checklists, Deal Breakers


While looking for a partner, we’re better off with a list of Deal Breakers than a checklist of expectations.

Ten Reasons I Didn’t Call After the First Date


Josh Bowman lays down some reasons he never called, kind of like that book “He’s Just Not Into You”, only in a less articulate way. And for free. Also, this blog post will never be made into a movie starring the dreamy Ben Affleck (though a guy can hope…).

How to Date Me: A Field Guide for Men


Confidential to the guy who’s asking Amie Longmire out on a date: she wants you to succeed at dating her. Here’s how.

Ignore the Movies: ‘Romantic’ Gestures Are Creepy


Contrary to what the movies say, women don’t want romance—at least not straight away.

Guestpost #83: Debra Johnson – Ten Things I’ve Learned From Online Dating


Debra Johnson writes a guestpost to share her experiences online dating. Trust your instincts, folks.

Scenes From a Starbucks: Blind Date


Chuck Ross pieces together the crumbs of a first date going on behind him in the coffee shop where he’s sitting right now.

Be The Man


Jamie Reidy has just three words for you to remember on a first date: Be. The. Man.

What the Tuck Is Going on?


Joanna and Eli tackle the age-old question of what to do with your penis when you’re spooning.

The Happy Hour Miscarriage in Paradise

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How many times can you lose a child without even having one before things change?

Sex on a First Date? We’re Glad You Asked.


Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

The 10 at 10

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Bacon could win you an iPad, gas is cheaper in Mexico, and a cake will tell you your baby’s gender.

Real Questions for the First Date

First Date

How to talk about sex, politics, religion, and marriage without really talking about them.