First World Problems (as Seen on Twitter) Read by Third World People

As most of us already knew, it turns out “First World Problems” aren’t really problems at all. Not having enough clean water? Now, that’s a problem. This ad campaign from Water is Life puts it all into perspective.

I Thought You Were Like a Ken Doll

Is a man who is a virgin not really a man?

“So many companies count on us to buy their products to fill the emptiness in our lives.”

This is a comment by Ryan Bjorklund on the post “Deliberate Optimism”.

Technology, Inequality, and Health

What should a good man think about the possibility that technological improvements will lead to widening levels of inequality? Nathan Zimmerman explains.

Fear and Trembling at the University of Pittsburgh

There have been 45 bomb threats received at the University of Pittsburgh since mid-February. Why should people outside of the campus community care?

Much Ado About Balance

Is the “balance” for which we strive a reality or an imagined ideal? Can we even define what that balance means for individuals?

My Suffering Is Better Than Your Suffering

How is it, Atalwin Pilon wonders, that in a world where some people starve to death and are blown apart by landmines, other people are pushed to their limits by the sound of one song bird?