Father-son outing results in a catch of a lifetime…


Eight year old lands 57″ Monster Muskie while fishing with his father

On the Verge of Saying Something

Boy fishing with Dad

Life cycles seen through the lens of fishing, first kisses, manly advice, lessons in parenthood, and death.

Fishing for Bass and other Warmwater Species


Fishing for warmwater species provides opportunity for anglers of all skill levels.

Farewell Dave, Hope you Enjoy some Time outside the Office


Legendary talk show host David Letterman summarizes the life cycle of steelhead in two words. “Small towns.”

Bass Fishing from Small Crafts


Small crafts for BIG bass. Affordable, light and compact, applying the right watercraft can pay off for anglers.

Are Commercial Fisheries Casting Their Nets Too Wide?


Commercial gill-netting and abandoned gear threatens fisheries by being an indiscriminate killer

Silver Hooks

Silver Hooks by MFer Photography

A boy remembers the day his father took him fishing.

Beware of Serpents, as well as Their Place in Nature


Beware of serpents emerging from their lairs this spring.

5 Spring Cleaning Chores for the Outdoorsman


Get your gear ready now for summer outdoor adventures

Stock Photos: Where Men Are Men And Women Are Women

thinkstock (2)

According to Thinkstock, when women are ready to fish, there’s a certain stance they like to take in their waders. A spread-eagle one.

Shanty Hollow


Dwight Gray writes of family and fishing, in a poem where much lurks beneath the surface.

No Secret: Using Online Resources to Catch More Fish


The 21st Century sport fisherman has some technological tools at hand.

Winter Steelheading: An Angler’s Guide


Randall Bonner, with tips and techniques for fishing for winter steelhead

Book Review: “I’ve Never Met an Idiot on The River” by Henry Winkler

Author Henry Winkler demonstrates how not to hold a fish for a photo.

Randall Bonner finds a personal connection to Henry Winkler’s book about fishing.

Golden Year for Silver Salmon

Randy  Coho

Good news for conservation in the Pacific North West, Coho populations are rebounding in 2014!

Farm Raised a Poor Substitute for Wild Caught

fish  savory.recipes:flickr

From turf to surf, farming practices can affect the nutritional value of our diets.