Golden Year for Silver Salmon

Randy  Coho

Good news for conservation in the Pacific North West, Coho populations are rebounding in 2014!

Farm Raised a Poor Substitute for Wild Caught


From turf to surf, farming practices can affect the nutritional value of our diets.

Be Your Own Best Friend When Preparing for the End of the World

apocalypse, world's end, survival

I write about apocalyptic situations, so why not be ready for them as well? In the process, I learn I really can rely on myself.

“The Season of Rain is Coming. Hold out Your Hand.”

Rain VinothChandar:Flickr

The right gear and the right attitude help prepare you for the season of fall doldrums.

The Moral Dilemma of Not Hunting

hunting, omnivore

When I returned to meat eating after a stint of vegetarianism, I discovered a growing urge to know where my food came from.

Five Conservation Issues That Concern Recreational Anglers in the Pacific Northwest


These are five significant stressors that impact fish populations much more than recreational fishing.

Finding and Harnessing Your Inner Caveman

caveman, hunting, gathering

There is a gratitude one learns as a hunter toward the meal before him.

Keeping Secrets as A Code of Outdoor Ethics

Keeping Secrets as A Code of Outdoor Ethics  State Library of South Australia:Flickr

Trust and bonding between outdoor enthusiasts sometimes requires keeping secrets to protect nature and the tranquility of your favorite spot.

The World’s Worst Fisherman

The World’s Worst Fisherman

Buzz Bishop might be a terrible fisherman, but he knows that his father-son fishing trips are about much more than just catching a lot of fish.

The Solitary Nature of Fly Fishing

Travel Trip Montana Fly Fishing

Brian Shea doesn’t necessarily understand the community of fans who so rabidly follow team sports, but as a fly fisherman he can sympathize with being misunderstood.

The Language of Dog

Language of Dog

Ryan Chin and his dog, Big Head, are has-beens–they’ve run the fastest they will ever run and jump the highest they have ever jumped.

And My Son Thought We Were Just Fishing

And My Son Thought We Were Just Fishing

Mike Bogle’s son wasn’t sure that he wanted to go fishing with his dad, but their trip turned into a memorable bonding experience for both father and son

Fishing With Grandpa


“You catch ‘em, you clean ‘em. That’s the rule. Right, dad?”

What Would Jesus Do?


In this haunting villanelle, Will Stockton evokes both the sacred and the profane, calling up, as he does so, “a dangerous memory”

Families That Fish Together, Stay Together—Fishing as a Family Survival Skill

2fishing-y kasperbs-flickr

When it comes to collecting and foraging for food during hard times or during a long-lasting post-disaster period, almost everyone in the family can engage in some form of fishing.

Stoneroller in the Hiawassee


Christopher Martin writes on a quiet, lovely moment with his son.