How Running Makes Me a Better Parent

How Running Makes Me a Better Parent

Chris Illuminati explains the five ways that regular exercise, specifically running, has made him a better, more fulfilled parent.

I Am Proud Of My Masculinity

photo by americagov

Graham Phoenix has felt a need to take control over what he does in life and he has had many reasons to question this over the years. He now realizes that this is an essential aspect of his masculinity, an important part of being a man.

A Mystic’s Guide to Deep Happiness & Inner Guidance


For Jacob Winkler, written prayer can be a powerful emotional reset button, ushering in focus, compassion and even bliss.

A Surprising Reason Why it’s So Hard to Forgive


Things are trucking along just fine in your relationship until an argument happens and the next thing you know, you can’t seem to do anything right.

Zen and the Art of Running


Why run? How do I reach a “runner’s high”? And how is zen related?

Hotel Room Narcissism Meets Pretty Brutal Honesty: The Beginning of a Journey Back to Real Fitness


After spending some intense time focusing on spiritual development, I now turn to physical development.

Should You Treat Anxiety With Marijuana?


The good, the bad, and the ugly with weed and mental illness.

Full Moon, Fresh Vows


On Buddhist ceremonies, writing, and how my life would look from an alien’s perspective.

Dear John: He Thinks It’s Hot, I Think It’s Not


A boyfriend’s lovemaking preferences, a roommate who drops into events without invitation, and exercise getting in the way of the marriage.

ADD and the Significant Other


Divorce rates for those with ADD are nearly double that of the general population. Here are some tips to keep you from being another statistic.

Coping With Adult ADD


Think adult ADD doesn’t exist? Think again. J.R. Reed looks at life with the illness and shows that it doesn’t have to control your life.

Improvisational Training Like Athletes

Basketball Wounds

We want to be consistently excellent on stage, but we are often afraid to do the work it takes to get to that level. I wonder what would happen if we trained for improv like athletes train for games.

“There is a tendency in our culture for the men who raise children to be devalued.”


These are comments by Mark Greene and peter on the post “Why Men Can’t Have It All”.

“There is a huge expectation for men to orgasm when having sex.”


This is a comment by elementary_watson on the post “How Did I Miss This Article?”

“Focus” by Arthur Miller


Arthur Miller penned “Death of a Salesman” and married Marilyn Monroe, so why doesn’t anyone know about his novel?

A Plan Is Something You Have Until You Get Hit


Ken Goldstein’s advice: Plan all you want, but be nimble