St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin? Plan On It

Jameson Midleton

GMP’s James Stafford visited Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day courtesy of Jameson whiskey. Here’s his wrap up of his once in a lifetime experience.

5 Ways Culture Influences Relationships

marriage, relationship, culture, race

Fouad Alaa thinks about some of the cultural differences that affect his relationship.

50 Tips for Grocery Shopping


Lifestyle guru Leo Babauta shares how he grocery shops for his family

Cutting our food bill by a third for Lent


With so many people genuinely struggling to make ends meet and put food on their tables, it felt like it would be good to remind ourselves what it can feel like to struggle to pay for our most basic needs.

If Men are What They Eat, This Video Might Impress You

If men are what they eat

A ballet of Chickens, Cows and Pigs in a stunning documentary which explores the many wonders of the world.

Today, I am Kenyan

Richard in Kenya

Richard Hess, a Drama teacher on a Fulbright Scholarship to teach in Kenya, struggles to understand Kenyan humor, and learns a bit about eating along the way.

Why I Miss Super Bowl Parties

super bowl party cake

JJ Vincent is feeling nostalgic about the hyperactive awesome crazy family-and-friend-fest Super Bowl parties of yesteryear.

China Says 8 Million Acres of Farmland Now Too Polluted for Food

chinese farmland-AP Photo-Eugene Hoshiko

An official from the Chinese government announced Monday that approximately 3.33 million hectares, or 8 million acres, of China’s farmland is now too polluted to grow crops.

Call For Submissions: Gather ‘Round the Table!


Jarad Dewing wants to know how you Eat Drink & Be Manly

Families That Fish Together, Stay Together—Fishing as a Family Survival Skill

2fishing-y kasperbs-flickr

When it comes to collecting and foraging for food during hard times or during a long-lasting post-disaster period, almost everyone in the family can engage in some form of fishing.

Justifying Vegetarianism: Challenging the View That Men and Meat Are Dietary Norms

Vegetarian Man photo by joshua heller

Peter Kirby-Harris wonders if women get questioned about their choice to be a vegetarian the way he gets questioned as a man.

Two Men with Gravy Changed Me Forever

dinner napkin 2

Two men have forever changed the food on Molly Thompson’s holiday table and her traditions for preparing it.

Thanksgiving InnuenDON’TS: A Parent Safety Announcement

thanksgiving, warning, parents, safety, protection

Thanksgiving is all fun and games until someone gets an eye poked out. Or gassy. The dynamic duo of Charlie Capen and Andy Herald from How To Be A Dad are here to keep you safe this holiday season.

A Man’s Place is in the Kitchen

man cooking-by toolmantim-flickr

A man who cooks becomes a permanent part of his children’s lives.

Is “Soylent” the Future of Food?

Is Soylent the Future of Food adamdachis State of Victory Library

Did you take your protein pill, do you have your helmet on? Meet the future of food.

Parenting on a Budget or the Lack Thereof

grocery, grocer, groceries, food, shelves, store, market, bodega, aisle

You can’t buy happiness, and I’m not one to put a price on it; however, I am open to leasing options. For the children.