Irish People Taste Test St. Patrick’s Day Treats

If you’re like me then you love holiday themed food. St. Patrick’s Day (or just Irish food in general) brings thoughts of wonderful beer and shepherd’s pie. But are these really traditional foods? — It’s always funny to find out that traditional holiday foods aren’t really all that traditional. It’s even funnier to find out […]

Food is the New Rock & Roll

Do you want to rebel against the establishment? Do you want to make a statement? Do it with your food.

Is Cooking a Moral Act?

Jeremy John on why men should consider taking responsibility for the cooking necessary: for health, hospitality, and justice.

VIDEO: What Happens When Captain Kirk Tries to Deep Fry a Turkey

William Shatner dramatically retells his Thanksgiving cooking disasters and offers tips for people to stay safe when deep-frying their birds.

Best. Meal. Ever. 9/8

What is the best meal you have ever eaten?

Motorcycles Empower Vietnam’s Women

Cameron Conaway endures jeers and glares as he tours Saigon on the back of a motorcycle driven by a female tour guide.