Former Steeler John Malecki: Using the Past To Build The Future

John Malecki Builder

John Malecki was once an NFL football player. Now he lives out a new dream as a builder of custom furniture.

Whoops, We’ve Got A Leaky Blatter


It’s time for FIFA, and Sepp Blatter to step up and teach our kids about stewardship

Are Parents Morally Obligated To Forbid Their Kids From Playing Football?


Can we as parents still let our kids play football?

Lessons from the Field


Ten strategies for winning the game of life. — We are all players on the football field of life, however, to score a winning goal; you have to be fully present on the field. Showing up in your life means you are not a spectator on the sidelines just waiting for life to happen to […]

Rainbows on the Field: Australian Footballers Combating Homophobia


Homophobia remains a real concern in sports, but attitudes on the field toward LGBT athletes are slowly changing. David Saunders reports that leadership on this issue is coming from unexpected places – including outer suburban football in Australia.

Real or Fantasy, Football Is Now Consumed By Numbers


With the rise of fantasy sports and video games, the way we consume sports is changing, and its focused on statistics more than ever.

Why The NFL and Other Professional Sports Don’t Deserve Nonprofit Status


Why did the NFL give up its non-profit status and why was it a non-profit to begin with?

How Deflategate is Like Your Job

football fan

While “Deflategate” is leaving some people reeling, Karen Leeds sees 28 ways to put a humorous spin on it.

3 Things Shared by Top Performing Teams, Whether on the Field or in the Office


Matt Mayberry on three important life take-aways from top performing teams.

The Growing Impact of Concussions: When Does Risk Outweigh Reward?


Concussions impact lives well beyond the person with the injury; the risk is in changing the lives of loved ones.

Why the Future of Ballet May Depend on Your Son


A candid interview with the artistic director of one of the premier U.S. ballet companies discussing boys, sports, bullying and the future of ballet. Both of my daughters had ballet lessons for a year or two when they were younger. But as I think back about it, I never saw a young boy in any […]

On Aaron Hernandez: Athletes Are Just Better Men. Stop Holding Them Accountable (SATIRE!).


Shawn Henfling believes star athletes are simply better men than the rest of us and should be treated as such.

10 Things You’ll Probably Never Hear Your Wife or Girlfriend Say …

couple facing togehter

For any guy in a long-term relationship, Tor Constantino shares a list of things you can safely NOT expect to hear.

Viral Video Spoofs the Most Popular Sport in the World


See why both fans and non-fans of soccer around the world are cheering for the greatest fictional goalie of all time—Scott Sterling.

Not “Just One of the Guys,” Sarah Thomas Is “Just” The NFL’s First Female Official


Sean Swaby breaks down the NFL’s hiring of Sarah Thomas as its first female official.

Is the NFL a Dying Sport?


Has the most popular contact sport in the United States run out of steam?