Can Youth Sports Foster Creativity? It Depends


Youth sports have gone beyond the pick up games we loved as children. It’s now big business that has an affect on our kids.

Is Football as Bad as Malcolm Gladwell Says it Is?


Is football really a ‘moral abomination’?

As Luck Would Have It, Nice Guys Can Finish First


For too long an undeserving group has fought an uphill battle trying to prove they don’t always finish last. Now, Indianapolis Colts’ Andrew Luck stands ready to plant a flag for the Nice Guys at the apex of the last sport of gladiators.

Like Father, Like Son? Rex Ryan Is No Head Coach. Not Now. Not Yet.


The Jets’ soon-to-be former fearless leader never learned from his father’s mistakes. Dave Chmiel questions why anyone should trust him with another franchise.

Can Roger Goodell Change Football?

Goodell Thumbs Up

Despite the NFL and Roger Goodell’s past missteps, Carly Puch is looking at the NFL’s new personal conduct policy with hope.

Mike Golic’s Optimism for Safe Football Is Pure Fantasy


Brian Harmon says as long as football continues to attract, “You hit like a girl!” gorillas to teach the game to children, no amount of Heads Up football is going to make the sport safer.

When You Love A Game That Doesn’t Love You Back

Talley - GMP

Eddie Becker explores the tragedy of former Buffalo Bills Linebacker, Darryl Talley

The Men Behind the Shield

nfl-owners - GMP

For nine months, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell pulled strings to downplay the league’s handling of the Ray Rice case and domestic violence. With Rice cleared to play, and the spotlight centered on Goodell, the real puppeteers still run the show.

I Wuv You Wichard Sherman. You Too Marshawn Lynch. (And Also Doug Baldwin.)

Sherman Baldwin - GMP

Alyssa Royse, on a bizarre love quadrangle, civil disobedience, and the bright witty stars of the Seattle Seahawks.

Do Sports Superstitions Really Work?


Brent Stoller says those sports superstitions may seem silly, but there’s a bigger and unforeseen reason why you should keep them alive.

Today’s Feel Good Post on The National Football League! (NOW with 300% More Kittens!)

Football Cat - GMP

Mike Kasdan has an NFL piece that will make you smile. And it has nothing to do with concussions, DEA investigations, domestic violence, or child abuse!

The Man Whose ‘Crusade Could Change Football Forever’ Speaks With Us About Concussions and the NFL

lucksevic - football-helmet

Mike Kasdan speaks with Jason Luckasevic, the lawyer who filed the concussions lawsuit against the NFL that is changing the way we think about the game.

Strength in Numbers


Penn State, The Peaceful Hearts Foundation and the importance of community.

Hmm. LeBron James Doesn’t Let *His* Children Play Football. Should You?

LBJ Football - GMP

The most high-profile athlete in the world doesn’t let his own children play football due to safety reasons.

Is the NFL’s Culture of Violence Causing a Crisis of American Masculinity?

nfl crisis of masculinity

Is what’s happening in the NFL causing a crisis of identity in the American male?

A Winning Play from the NFL

NFL Hussle

The NFL addresses domestic violence and abuse incidents involving their players.