Foreign Policy to #DemDebate: Thanks for the Spotlight

Foreign policy differences materialized under the spotlight at last night’s #DemDebate; and if you didn’t know who Henry Kissinger was before, you probably will now.

Foreign Policy to #DemDebate: Bring Me Back

One major issue that has been MIA in 2016 debates is foreign policy; but voters deserve to know how Democrats will confront the many international crises now threatening global security.

2 Ways We Need to Redefine Masculinity in American Foreign Policy

American foreign policy has long been governed by ideas of masculinity. Now it’s time to evaluate what that has meant for our nation – and how we should redefine “masculinity” in the future.

Free-Trade Agreements: Economic Lifter Or Middle Class Destroyer?

Should Sovereign Nations Continue To Find Ways Of Promoting Trade Agreements That Increase Global Competition And Threaten The Stability Of Established Industries?

Lindsey Graham Is Why The GOP Can’t Have Nice Things

The South Carolina Senator’s recent denunciation of the word “the” shows why policy formation can be so hard in today’s Republican Party.

Time Has Come to Fix U.S.-Iran Policy

When something is obviously broken, you fix it…Right?

Malignant Neglect—Foreign Policy In The Middle East

Perpetuating the status quo in the Middle East serves no one’s interests, except the groups that thrive on instability. The cost of not directly dealing with this situation is surpassing the cost of directly doing so.

The Return Of George W. Bush’s Foreign Policy

The American people may think that George W. Bush’s presidency was a disaster, but the Republican Party is still committed to his foreign policy vision.

Obama’s ISIS Strategy Is Working

President Obama has taken a lot of criticism over the rise of ISIS this year, but in actuality the group is falling apart.

US Must Not Miss Another Chance to Mend Fences With Iran

Washington and Tehran’s interests have overlapped ever since 9/11. Why are they still struggling to patch things up?

Do Americans Want War Or Peace?

It’s hard to tell what type of foreign policy American voters actually want. In fact they might not care that much about the rest of the world at all.

What Is The Republican Agenda?

The Republicans might take over both houses of Congress, but we still don’t know what they plan to do.

Hillary The Hawk?

Hillary Clinton recently outlined sharp differences between the Obama Administration’s approach to foreign policy and what her own might look like.

The Limits Of American Power

The current chaos in Iraq shows how limited American military power can be at times, and how big of a mistake the war really was.

Fifteen Years Is Long Enough

If the US can’t accomplish its goal in Afghanistan by 2016, we probably won’t ever be able to accomplish them.

Four Other Presidents Who Weren’t Able To ‘Combat Russian Aggression’

The Kremlin’s hardline foreign policy is not a problem unique to Barack Obama.