How to Forgive a Dad Who Didn’t Show Up

Many will tell you to just write him off. Stephanie March chose not to and shows you how she did it.

What to do When You’ve Been Cheated on

It’s understandable then that we almost automatically assume that an infidelity is a relationship extinction event; that betrayal of both the intimacy and identity is the crime that can never be forgiven. But should it be?

3 Guideposts for Making Peace With Suicide

The suicide of your loved one irrevocably changes you. The process of profound, complicated grief leads you deeper into your heart. The three mileposts of acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion become your pathway to peace. Dr. Adele Ryan McDowell assures you that the day will come when you can once again take a full breath and your newly pieced-together heart will remain intact.

Infidelity: The Monster Is Out Of The Closet. Now What?

Can you fix a relationship that has endured betrayal? Danielle Jacobs offers some advice.

Building Blocks and Band-Aids: A Story of Fathers and Forgiveness

Shadley Grei lived for thirty-five years without knowing his father. But, after he finally decided to forgive his father for their past, their relationship moved in a surprising direction.

Forgiving, Forgetting, & Figuring Out Which is Which

Sometimes the hardest part of forgiving is figuring out when it’s actually happened.

Forgiveness: The Key to Healing From Abuse

How Nannette Ricaforte found healing from abuse through her fight against human trafficking.

23 Ways to Take Your Character to the Gym

Could your character use a workout to make it as strong as your body? Vaughn Granier, with some suggestions.

“I wish my dad had taught me to: tell great stories, pray, forgive, draw, and how to talk and burp at the same time.”

These are comments by Elvin Turner, Taylor Garcia, JD Robeeto on the post “25 Life Skills a Father Can Give His Son”.

“Survivors will be angry for as long as is necessary. Telling them to forgive is pointless at best.”

This is a comment by Mike on the post “Some Thoughts on Forgiveness”.

I’ll Never Forgive You

Four little words by Victim 4 in the Jerry Sundusky case speak volumes.

“Forgiveness is not a verb, but a place that one gradually arrives at after internal work.”

This is a comment by Drew on the post “Why Forgiving Others Makes Life Better For You”.

“Until someone has experienced my horrors, no one has the right to tell me to forgive.”

This is a comment by W.R.R. on the post “Why Forgiving Others Makes Life Better For You”. Trigger warning: contains references to child sexual abuse and rape.

How to Lose a Guy…Forever

Raymond Bechard discusses the trend of current relationships and the top 15 reasons why they just won’t work out.

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“Dialogue starts with trust and trust starts with courage.”

This comment is from John Anderson on the post “When Angry Commenters Find Common Ground” by Joanna Schroeder and David Byron