How Being Bullied Helped Me To Trust My Parents

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A thank you note to my bullies.

The One Thing Crucial to Moving Forward After Being Hurt


The hardest part of moving forward is allowing ourselves to forgive, Orin J Hahn has a few role models on why that is the most important step.

The Power Of, And Alternatives To, Forgiveness


Ned Breslin with a deeply personal story about the ways in which he’s learning to heal from past trauma.

The Science of Character: New 8 Min. Film by Tiffany Shlain #CharacterDay

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Finish this sentence: I want to be …

The Good Men Project: We Aren’t Just For Good Men

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GMP executive editor James Stafford on what a cruddy guy like him is doing in a nice place like this.

Do You Have the ‘Hell No, I Won’t Let Go’ Syndrome?


Nathaniel Smith shares how holding on to the past or obsessing about the future diminishes your ability to experience a full and happy life.

Confessions From A Lesbian: Why I Used to Hate Men

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Regina Cates once hated men for good reasons, but here is why they are now her closest friends in the world. I used to hate men. Maybe that is the stereotypical view men have about gay women, that we’re men haters, diesel dykes, and frustrated spinsters. But my reasons for starting out life hating men were valid.

Building Blocks and Band-Aids: A Story of Fathers and Forgiveness

Building Blocks and Band-Aids: A Story of Fathers and Forgiveness

Shadley Grei lived for thirty-five years without knowing his father. But, after he finally decided to forgive his father for their past, their relationship moved in a surprising direction.

It Happened Only Once


There doesn’t have to be a second or tenth time. The damage occurred and our innocence was shattered.

Catching Up With the Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter

Catching Up With the Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter

Josh Misner was pleased when an article he wrote about asking an airline employee for forgiveness went viral, but he never expected the airport worker to read the piece and contact him. This is what happened.

“I acted like an ass in front of my kids and put them in danger.”

Road Rage

This comment by Jonny on the post To the Ticket Agent as the Delta Counter

Forgiveness and Sex: A Conversation With a Happily Married Couple


Nate Bagley’s on a quest to find out what makes love work. Today he sits down with Ty and Terri to learn about the role of sex and forgiveness in a happy marriage.

To the Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter

To the Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter

After losing his temper in front of his kids due to airport delays, Josh Misner met an airline employee who taught him the power of forgiveness

An Open Letter to My Husband: You Are My Soft Place to Fall


Catherine O’Kane has been hurt and frustrated by some of her husband’s choices. But in her eyes, his strengths far outweigh his failures.

A Lesson in True Forgiveness Taught by a Teacup

Trevor Ellestad learned how to find peace in the midst of life’s jagged pieces. Want to know how he did it?

Forgiving, Forgetting, & Figuring Out Which is Which

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Sometimes the hardest part of forgiving is figuring out when it’s actually happened.