To the Person Who Sexually Assaulted Me, I Forgive You

Tim Mousseau envelope

Tim Mousseau rejects the labels victim and survivor. Instead, he is a learner who has forgiven his assaulter while facing his own demons.

Forgiving Himself Can be the Hardest for a Man

forgive yourself

A man serving a life sentence can forgive himself. Can you?

Releasing Shame and Exploding Male Stoicism


How to allow yourself room to forgive.

Atonement Prayer from Women to Men


Blair Glaser reaches out with an apology on behalf of the women who do these 10 things.

The Most Important Relationship You’ll Ever Have in the World


Making peace with someone can be really awesome, but what about making peace with yourself? Joe Rutland makes an offer for you, himself, and the Universe.

A Son’s Letter Never Sent to His Dad


From surviving abuse as a child to battling alcoholism as an adult. Regrets, forgiveness, and the peace to move on.

Count Your Scars as the Number of Times You’ve Been Healed, not Wounded

Count your Scars

Forgiveness is a choice many never make due to not understanding that blame is self-harm, while forgiveness is the highest act of self-love.

The Skill of Self-Forgiveness


Shaky Shergill talks about how he discovered one of the most important practices for emotional well-being.

The Secret to Happiness After Divorce: Forgiveness


John McElhenney lost almost everything in his divorce. But he’s still happy. Really happy.

Absent Fathers, Broken Sons. Time To Break The Cycle.


Thai Nguyen vows to stop being a bystander when it came to a broken relationship with his dad.

Let It Go: 7 Positive Things You Can Gain From Forgiving Someone


Don’t let somebody else’s misjudgment change your attitude on the bounties of life.

How One Man Forgave His Father After Gay Conversion Therapy [Video]


Mathew Shurka was put into gay conversion therapy when he was 16. He’s now able to talk about what life is like on the other side.

Lessons Learned From My Dad: A Father’s Day Tribute

Lessons Learned From My Dad: A Father's Day Tribute

Doyin Richards offers this tribute to his incredibly accomplished father, collecting five of the best lessons that his dad taught him about being a parent.

“I Don’t Love This Religion Anymore”: A Conversation With Zach Phelps-Roper


Another of the Phelps family, Zach Phelps-Roper, has left the Westboro Baptist Church Cult and is telling his story. What are we to return to people who spew so much hate?

“Forgiveness is the Path to Healing, but is it Enough?”

Broken Heart

From One Dad Who Lost a Child to Another: A Message to Richard Martinez About Honor

Eminem’s ‘Headlights,’ Mothers, Sons, and Forgiveness


Why did Eminem’s latest track blow up? Brandy Pettigrew has some thoughts on the subject.