My Wife’s Completely Shut Me Out of the Bedroom

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My Wife’s On Strike. She’s Stopped Doing the Housework!

His wife’s on strike. She isn’t doing HER HALF of the housework! Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt’s wondering…

Life: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Not everything is as good, or bad, as it seems on the surface. As I walked into the old, rickety restaurant, the scent of a mildewed, damp odor hit my nostrils. I thought, “There is no way I am going to stay and eat here.” The problem? It was praised as one of the greatest […]

Help Me Get Out Of The Friend Zone!

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How Do I Stop Sabotaging Myself Dating?

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In Praise of the Welfare State

John Faithful Hamer meets his real life doppelgänger and thanks God for the welfare system after hearing his story.

7 Resolutions Any Man Can Get Behind And Get Happy

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The Sex Just Isn’t That Good

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You Made me a Survivor, so Thank you, Daddy

You told us you were sorry, then the next day you hit us again if we asked you why we couldn’t get out of our room

The Only Way to Die With No Regrets

There are really only two choices you need to make to avoid taking regrets to the grave.

How Getting My Son a Dog Helped Heal My Shame

Embed from Getty Images Steve Austin’s shame no longer defines him. He has moved on, and so has his family.   My four year old son had been begging for his first dog for months. With Christmas nearly here, he was upping the intensity daily. The final straw for me was his cry of, “Will […]

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10 Ways to Keep Going When You Want to Give Up

We live with a bombardment of emotions, demands, and decisions. But there’s always a way out that isn’t giving up.

I Can’t Forgive And I Can’t Forget: A Dads Reality

Forgiveness can be a difficult lesson to teach our children as a Dad. It’s easier to hold a grudge. Jack Steiner knows the feeling intimately. Sometimes she visits me in my dreams. She ain’t broken then and neither am I. We’re at Charlie Trotters and I can’t be happier because the prettiest girl in the […]

Why Your Apology Wasn’t Accepted and How to Really Fix Things

As toddlers, we’re told to “just say you’re sorry.” As adults, we quickly learn that isn’t true.

She’s Losing Interest in Me

Mayday! Mayday! She’s losing interest! How do I keep this romance alive? Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt has some counterintuitive advice…