A Dad Sounds Off on the Christian Grandma Advocating Homophobic Books for Teens


An Illinois Grandmother citing “Christian Values” proposed book plots such as one about the joy a birdie experiences when her two dads are killed and she is assigned to opposite sex parents. A dad addresses her in an open letter.

A Foster Care Success Story


In response to Deb Stone’s May 12 essay on foster care, Jaquel Pitts shares his successes after 14 years as a foster child.

Former Foster Child Beat Odds, Heads to UCLA Medical School on Full Scholarship


Beating the system: Festus Ohan’s story shines through the stereotypes.

ReMoved: A Viral Short Film That Will Change You


This award-winning short film creates deeper understanding of what life is like for a foster child.

A Gay Father’s Experience With Foster Adoption

A Gay Father's Experience with Foster Adoption

Ted Peterson of Next Family and his partner Ian share their experience of becoming foster parents and discuss the scars that can run deep in foster children

Returning an Adopted Child: A True Story

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An Ohio family “returned” their adopted son after nine years. Brent Almond takes issue with that.

“I’ll Take Anyone.” An Orphan’s Spirited Plea.


The inspirational story of one young boy who had to beg for a parent. Davion Navar Henry Only, a 15-year-old orphan who has spent his entire life in foster care, said the following to more than 300 people at Florida St. Marks Missionary Baptist Church: “I’ll take anyone. Old or young, dad or mom, black, […]

Newborn at Thirteen

Latrell Higgins

Photographer Kelli Higgins on the art project that became a viral sensation.

When Parents are Branded as Bad


Law Professor Tamar Birckhead on the unintended consequences of a system meant to protect children.

Foster Care to Family in Australia: Two Dads Raise a Son


Couple receives extensive foster care support, and gets a family

He Who Laughs Last: Ending the Cycle of Male Abuse


For comedian Billy Batz, Male Abuse Awareness Week is personal.

Stepping Off


Despair, and the recklessness of hopeless youth, contribute to the numbers of boys and men who “step off” this world. There are options, however, for those who remain.

Taking a Stand: Why I Support a Woman’s Right to Choose

Progress Ohio pro life rally

Every woman should have the right to control what happens with her own body.

“As the father of two adopted daughters who were abused…I have a lot of anger.”

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This comment is from Andy Schulkind on the post “Does Paterno’s Death Resolve Anything?”

A Single Man’s Adoption Story


How one man’s experience has led him to help others fulfill their dream of becoming a parent.