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My Daughter’s Tragic Journey; My Heartbreak and Guilt

A child is moved from an abusive home to a stable and loving one, only to be taken back again. Unfortunately, this happens all too often.

The Day a Dad First Met His Son and Made Him Real…Forever

This is an excerpt from the Sean O’Donnell book Which One of You is the Mother? It is about the day that the son Sean imagined became real, never to leave his dad’s life again.

How a Dad Got the Kid Who Already Lived in His Heart

Sean O’Donnell had two great desires, one to eat a lot of donuts and the other to become a dad. Here is how one of those, the most important one, came true.

The Dads Who Sought to Adopt Hard-to-Place Kids and Why They Did It

Stories of kids at risk for suicide and susceptible to bullying touched the hearts of these two dads. They resolved to do something about it — to create a home.

The Dads Who Took Only Two Hours to Become Parents for Life

Some parents take nine months, some going through agencies, take years. For dads Duke and Steve, the wait to be parents could be measured in minutes. Here is their story.

How a Dad Survived His Sense of AIDS Crisis Doom to Become an Award Winning Father

Kergan lived through the grief and fear of the AIDS Crisis. Rather than being suppressed he took his life experiences and channeled them into becoming a great dad. Corinne Lightweaver interviews him about his experience.

How Two Little Boys Brought Their New Dads Greater Acceptance and a Sense of Wonder

Ted and Xavier struggled with the rejection of their families over their relationship. Two little brothers changed that and gave them a more appreciative view of life. Here is their story.

“Your Kids are So Lucky to Have You” — Really?

Like many foster care/adoptive parents, blogger Christopher Thangaraj heard the “compliment” uttered many times. It never sat well with him. Here is why.

How Two Dads, in an Icy Ski Resort, Created One of the Warmest Families on Earth

Outside the weather was frightful for this pair of dads. They showed up for a special needs infant, and within them the love burned bright. Here is their story.

A Dad Gets a New Perspective on Family When He Talks to a Teen Who Deeply Wants One

Dad Rich Valenza founded an organization to help find homes for foster kids. One day he met a 15 year old who made him feel needed more than ever, a boy who still needs the home of his dreams.

A Dad Sounds Off on the Christian Grandma Advocating Homophobic Books for Teens

An Illinois Grandmother citing “Christian Values” proposed book plots such as one about the joy a birdie experiences when her two dads are killed and she is assigned to opposite sex parents. A dad addresses her in an open letter.

A Foster Care Success Story

In response to Deb Stone’s May 12 essay on foster care, Jaquel Pitts shares his successes after 14 years as a foster child.