REsegregation? Race and Education 1954 to 2014

101st_Airborne_at_Little_Rock_Central_High wikimedia commons

Warren Blumenfeld considers the different languages of “Race” and school REsegregation since Brown v Board of Education.

Iowa Gun Law Places Us All in the Crosshairs


Blind in Iowa? Well, here’s a gun permit.

NY State Senator Eric Adams Testifies Comissioner Kelly Wants to ‘Instill Fear’ in Young Men of Color

Sen. Eric Adams

Adams’ testimony marked the latest in a series of explosive allegations leveled against the NYPD in an ongoing trial targeting the department’s “stop-and-frisk” policy.

The Cold Quilt: How Going State-by-State Deprives Same-Sex Couples


Professor Warren Blumenfeld believes the Feds should step in and that history shows why.

The Prison-Industrial Complex is Anti-Man


Ozy Frantz takes on the prison-industrial complex and how it affects the lives of American men.

Scalia: Constitution Protects Straight Men

Justice Scalia

Originalist Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia weighs in on the meaning of the phrase “any person.”