Cable News: It’s All the Rage

Or should we say, it’s all about the rage?

Fox News: Ban Welfare Babies

The Young Turks break down Fox News’ “logic” on the welfare system.

Are Women Really Less Ambitious Than Men?

Sue Nador hates to agree with Fox News, but she finds common ground on what’s holding women back in the workplace.

A Letter to Fox & Friends’ “Native American” Conservative

In the face of “rejection” by the Oglala Nation — some thoughts on redemption for Fox & Friends’ resident “Native American” Conservative.

11 Facts About White Privilege Everyone Should Know

#CheckYourPrivilege isn’t meant to shut you down. It’s meant to make you think.

10 Ways You Push Her Away Without Realizing It

It’s time you learned: you’re pushing women away, even when you want them close.

Why We Need to #StopTerrorPorn

Why are we playing into behavior that only benefits the media and the terrorists?

The Benghazi Scandal That Never Was

It turns out that all the talk about Benghazi over the last two years was a giant waste of time, there just never was a cover up.

Trolling Liberals For Fun And Profit

A recent Fox News clip on street harassment shows the perverse incentives in the conservative media at work.

Never Thought I’d Say It, But DAMN #FoxNews Gets It RIGHT on #EBOLA!

This Fox News commentary puts the whole Ebola story in context. This is some of the most responsible reporting/commentary by any news organization anywhere.

The Dinesh D’Souza I Knew Was No Tutor

Dinesh D’Souza recently expressed joy at being required to do tutoring as part of his five year probationary sentence that includes community service. Tommy Raskin recalls a time when D’Souza mocked him for insisting upon the importance of tutoring.

Dear Fox News: This Feminist Thinks a Lot Better of Men Than You Apparently Do

Joanna Schroeder is sick of people degrading and dehumanizing men by saying things like “let men be men”.

A Dad’s Tribute to Robin Williams, the Icon of the Modern Father

Did Robin Williams influence modern fatherhood more than any other person in today’s culture? This dad thinks so.

Dawn Of Irony On The Planet Of The Apes

Kurt Baumeister calls out Gary Oldman on his irony.

007 vs. Title VII: ‘Goldfinger’, The Civil Rights Act, and White Male Privilege

Greg Olear comments on the blatant sexism and racism within the third James Bond movie, and what we can learn from white male privilege.