Hello, My Name Is Luay. I Was a Refugee

Luay Al Khatteeb can identify with the plight of refugees and with the countries struggling to provide for them. That doesn’t excuse us from helping.

A Minor History of Brooklyn

Tina Cane performs a sleight-of-hand in this quirky poem, gliding between Brooklyn, France, and two different kinds of relationships.

James Salter: A Sport and a Pastime

Jesse Kornbluth reviews a book with strong character development and excellent prose, set in horizons of Paris, France.

Who Doesn’t Want Unlimited Maternity and Paternity Leave?

United States, follow Netflix and Norway. Prove you value family and mandate parental leave.

Rethinking the #JeSuisCharlie Hashtag

Patrick DeCarlo turns to history to explain why he supports freedom of speech for “Charlie Hebdo” but not their speech itself.

In Defense of the Right to Offend

T. J. Sullivan sees the terror attack at ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in Paris as a reminder that defending freedom of speech means defending speech we find uncomfortable, offensive, or scary.

Safe from ISIS? Yes or NO, Panic is never the Answer!

With terror groups sophisticated use of social media and misinformation, panic and overreaction are not valid options. Measured, informed and solid security measured are.

France Gives Way to Opponents of ‘Gender Theory’ in Schools

A controversial program aimed at teaching children about the difference between the sexes has been withdrawn by the French government.

Boys in France Wear Skirts to School in Protest

It’s called ‘Lift the Skirt Day,’ and aims to reduce sexism in French schools.

A Million Steps

What does it take to leave behind the familiar and face the unknown, while following the path of countless intrepid travelers whose youthful and aged feet touched down over and over throughout the centuries?

This is the Coolest Ad. Watch Spider-Man Meeting Spider-Baby (Video)

French water company Evian is famous for its baby commercials. The last one is memorable.

1996: Guyhood … The Early Years (Part II)

The last full viewing of the AIDS Quilt is among the many events within the second half of 1996–your childhood.

Rock ‘N Roll, French Style. Enter, Animali

A new band from Lyon, France is helping keep rock alive for the Millennials.

Ascension: What I Learned From Getting Kidnapped in Paris

Resolutions, reconciliations, and amends: A new year brings fresh opportunities for ascension in wisdom. Court Stroud knows everyone has a change story. Here’s his.

A Precious Practice

Communication is much different after going weeks without speaking.

Another Morning in the Zendo

Nightmares of betrayal leave me with a sense of distrust and sadness.