Kobe Bryant Tells ‘Em: Delete ‘Your Gay’ From Vocabulary

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Kobe Bryant takes an opportunity to spread an anti-hate message, showing he’s learned a little something after using hate speech against a ref in 2011.

60 Reasons to be Proud in 2012

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Coming out in Hollywood in 2012 became a casual affair. Gone were the days of the “I’m Gay” cover photo.

First Time’s a Charm: Celebrities Share First Love Stories


Celebrities dish about their first loves.

Jay Smooth on Frank Ocean and Independence

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Jay Smooth explains how the week of Independence Day was a good week for many types of freedom.

The Gay Black Men Fallacy

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Kaleb Blake says the myth of all “good Black men” being gay is toxic and assumes masculinity can only be expressed via hetero-normative metrics.

Frank Ocean: Coming Out Differently

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HeatherN muses on the very different way in which Hip-Hop star Frank Ocean came out, and wonders how this coming out reflects homophobia in the hip-hop industry.

Music: Brutha Gimel’s Spin City for June 12, 2012 [musical recommendations from @bruthagimel]

The wordsmith and turntablist presents musical recommendations every Tuesday afternoon (pretty much).

Music: Brutha Gimel’s Spin City for April 17, 2012 [musical recommendations from @bruthagimel]

The wordsmith and turntablist presents musical recommendations every Tuesday afternoon (pretty much).

#musicmonday: coat dwarf [free mp3 downloads]

This is where some witty rejoinder would go. Like you need that to want free music. Pshaw!

#musicmonday: don’t worry, be happy [free MP3 downloads]

Like a musical massage, free for your downloads folder every freaking week.

#musicmonday: late nights & early mornings [free MP3 downloads]

When a dope musical flow is a must, you’ve got to go with a name you can quickly trust …

#musicmonday: a distinction without a difference [free MP3 downloads]

Time to pump up the jam, whether your vibe is banging beats or strumming guitars …

#musicmonday: what the &$%! is brunch? [free mp3 downloads]

What could be better than another big batch of absolutely free music? Okay, raining C-notes would be nice, but still …

#musicmonday: a cheery road to a mayan apocalypse [free MP3 downloads]

The first Monday of the year and it’s time to get a whole lot of excellent free new music. Happy New Year!

#musicmonday: me and my people building [free MP3 downloads]

There’s so many whiplashes in this mix of free downloaded music that everybody should find something they’ll love.

#musicmonday: happy birthday michael jackson [free mp3 downloads]

Alt-rock, hip hop, neo-soul and rock and roll, from Chubb Rock to Red Hot (Chili Peppers), free MP3 downloads for everybody.