From the Club to the Classroom: All That Jazz is Good for the Kids

Jazz in the classroom not only teaches children to play instruments; they may also learn a range of essential life skills.

2015: Sinatra’s 100th Birthday & Billie Holiday’s. Bet You Didn’t Know.

Jesse Kornbluth on celebrating two legends.

What it Means to Be a Man

Michael Colombini on what it means to be a man from the viewpoint of someone who leads them into battle.

That Time Frank Sinatra Told Me the Secret to Life

A few years ago, Frank Sinatra let Zaron Burnett in on a little secret. Here, he shares it with us.

These 5 Albums Are Hated, Ignored or Both, But I Will Defend Them Forever and Ever and Ever

Not everything can be genius every single time. But among these disappointments there is often gold and that’s what this post is about.

Farrow’s Tweet: A Discussion of Art and the Morality of the Artist

The history of art is full of reprehensible behavior. Should that matter?

The Good Men Playlist: John Anderson – 30 Years of Swingin’

Rob Joyner introduces you to a country legend.

The Teacher’s Pet at 80: An Interview with Actress Mamie Van Doren

The former Miss Palm Springs and RKO film siren Mamie Van Doren talks to Donald D’Haene about what fires her up, her leftward political drift, and being an enduring sex symbol.

15 Great Foods For Tailgating and Watching Sports

Games go better with good food.

Top Ten ‘Male Anthem’ Nominees

Mark Ellis ponders what it takes to make a song a true Male Anthem, and lists the 10 he thinks fit the bill.

Happy Hour–Spring Break in NYC

Start spreading the news… Frank Sinatra This week my guest bartender is none other than my Muse–a part time blogger and full time fountain of ideas and knowledge. Each month there is a new theme and I let the bartender concoct their own signature “drink”.  April’s theme is Spring Break.  Want to know what Happy […]