Reflections from a Stormy Eye

Tom Gaultieri thought the storm warnings before Sandy were another case of weather reporters crying wolf. Instead, he saw his home state of New Jersey torn to shreds.

NYC – The Morning After Sandy, Surveying the Damage (Photos)

The story this morning? New Yorkers are going to work to repair their damaged City.

NYC – Titanic Moment, Fully Lit Pier 88 Flooded by Storm Surge Goes Dark (Photos)

Photos of water flooding into Pier 88 just before the power failed- NYC 8:45 PM EST.

UPDATE: New Photos! NYC Today 4 PM – Huge Crane Collapsing, Dangling Above 57th Street. (Photo)

Photo of collapsing crane (Breaking News 4PM EST, NYC)

NYC Tonight, Oct. 29th – The Midnight Calm Before the Storm

A few tourists are wandering the vast empty spaces of Times Square, snapping photos of the marketing behemoths dancing for no one on the massive video screens…

Open Thread: What’s The Worst Storm You’ve Lived Through?

As the East Coast prepares for “Frankenstorm 2012” by shutting down the subway and stripping every local market bare of water and cell phone batteries, we’re all reminded of the worst storms we lived through.