The 4 Problems With Reparative Therapy Laws


A former “ex-gay” movement leader rips up the argument against laws that ban therapists from trying to convert LGBT kids.

Fear of Offending Trumps Free Speech


How freedom of speech is changing among today’s young people.

Islam and Free Speech: 5 Things You Should Know

AP photo: Hussein Malla

Dr. Kashif Chaudrhy calls out hypocrisy and misinformation that has circled free-speech countries since the Charlie Hedbdo attacks occurred.

The City of Lights was Dimmed, but not Diminished. Free Speech was Violated, but not Silenced.


Neal Brown believes that free speech is costly but worth the investment.

In Defense of the Right to Offend

In Defense of by IsaacMao

T. J. Sullivan sees the terror attack at ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in Paris as a reminder that defending freedom of speech means defending speech we find uncomfortable, offensive, or scary.

Misogynistic Commenters Attacked A Female Video Game Critic. Here’s Why Some of Them Should Have Been Silenced


“If there was a push to block trolls and their commentary, you would deny them their voice and reduce their opinions to irrelevance,” writes Angelus Morningstar.

Dawn Of Irony On The Planet Of The Apes

(R-L): Charles Krauthammer, Gary Oldman, Rick Perry.

Kurt Baumeister calls out Gary Oldman on his irony.

The Positive Legacy of Fred Phelps


Without meaning to, the late hatemonger did one good thing for tolerance in America.

On Not Speaking For Other People


Are you speaking up for others, or are you shouting them down?

In New York? Come Speak Your Mind With PUSHMETHOD

Pushmethod crop

Everyone has a voice at this cool event.

Confusion between “Diverse Opinions” and “Oppressive Characterizations”

TV Duck Dynasty

Professor Warren Blumenfeld on Duck Dynasty, religion and the maintenance of heterosexual male hegemony, privilege, and power.

We All Want a Place at the Table


What do we all want? A place at the table and the chance to tell our story.

Men, We Have a Problem With Online Abuse

online abuse gender

Shouldn’t we be pleased that men who abuse women online are being held to account?

New Google System Aims to Eradicate Child Pornography on the Internet

child porn, cyber crime, google

Google has plans for an international project that aims to eliminate images of child sexual assault on the web and put criminals behind bars.

The Corporate Death Penalty


Should corporations suffer the same consequences as United States citizens? Carl Pettit argues in the case of corporate personhood and their constitutional rights.