The Doublespeak of the Republican’s ‘Freedom’

How “free” are we when we deny the youth of our nation their basic civil rights to make many of their own decisions in the guise of “protecting them”?

Maybe Millennials Understand Dreams and Freedom Better Than Anyone

I was taught that America is supposed to be a place where dreams are possible freedom guaranteed to anyone, regardless of race, religion, or lifestyle.

Caged Birds and Cosmic Bonds

It is time for you to bond with the cosmos and not with a cage.

Supercharge Your Success with the Power of Goal-Setting

On this episode of The Go-Giver Podcast, influential podcaster John Lee Dumas shows you how to use goal-setting to achieve more success.

Teaching My Brother and Other Boys About Patriarchies, Masculinities and Being a Man

“We wanted him to be proud of who he was and of his ethnic background, while having agency to discover and express his thoughts and feelings.”

Where We Live is Where You Live

If it’s true that “this land is your land,” we must not be too different from each other.

How a Man Fulfills His Potential After Divorce by Not Letting It Define Him

When a man goes through a divorce, the “D” word seems to get tagged to him. Here is why you don’t want to let that happen.

Comment of the Day: ‘You are NOT free to force others to live the same way as you’

We have a right to our own beliefs. Quit imposing yours on others!

What Gives You the Right to Discriminate?

Does the First Amendment really protect religious freedom laws?

A Salute to My Dad, An American Hero

A grateful daughter reconciles with her memories of her dad’s military career.

11 Truths about Honesty and the Selfish Reasons to Practice It

Telling the truth may be just what you need to strengthen your relationship.

My Take on Forgiveness 

Being able to move past our abuse is what we all want.

The Terrorism of Depriving Self-Definition

When people kill themselves because of the way someone makes them feel, they are being terrorized.

A Challenge to Men: Take Each Day Gladiator Style

Which kind of gladiator are you: the one that brings the battle or the one that has the battle brought to them?

Nothing to Lose

What’s the most important question to ask yourself in order to succeed?

You Can’t Stop Me

One woman’s story of breaking free from codependency.