Getting the Call Someone Died: You Just Have to Go On, Right?

getting the call photo by averagejane

Norbert Brown made a conscious decision not to stop for death. But he’s wondering why.

Confused By Valentine’s Day? Not as Much as This Little Boy

valentine, valentines, day, gift, card, present, kids, girls, boys, school, friends, classmate

This little boy had never received a valentine from a classmate, and when it happened he had no idea what hit him.

Across the Universe: Dealing With Death as an Atheist

photo by overgraeme

After the sudden, unexpected death of a friend Chris Hicke grapples with what it means to be an atheist.

Everything’s Fine, I Went to a Shrink.

Man dark photo by filsinger

Gregory Jaquet thought his problems were everyone else’s fault but his own. He didn’t need therapy. Why would he?

There’s No Shame in Being Single

single guy photo by zepfanman

And my mother reads this and thinks, “I hope he’s joking.”

Five Things Every Self-Respecting Man Over 30 Needs. And 40 He Doesn’t.

30 things every man needs photo by the futuristics

Thomas Pluck believes the things a man really needs are all-encompassing and don’t even require money.

They Just Might Be Your Spiritual Partner


If you examine your path, the person you’ve been looking for might be there in front of you.

Dear John: My Womanizing Roommate Is After a Girl I Like


A flirty roommate, a disappointed friend after a job opportunity doesn’t pan out, and a mom who doesn’t want her son to study abroad.

“Bemoaning the ‘friend zone’ means you had a romantic interest in someone who doesn’t feel the same, and that hurts.”


These are comments by Bay Area Guy, dlz, and Jack on the post “The Friend Zone (or, How “Jerks” Are Made)”.

How Can You Impact a Fatherless Teenager?


“The story of fatherlessness is written in the heart of our generation.” Pete Billingham believes this story needs to be told more often.

When It Comes to Sexual Assault YOU Can Be the Difference in How the Story Ends (Video)


This power video demonstrates easy ways to look out for each other and speak up.

Dear John: Love Her, Hate Her Rhode Island Accent


An irritating accent, a coworker constantly staring at cleavage, and a confusion about a friend’s expectations.

Dear John: Haunted By Hook-Up At His Kid’s School’s Drop-Off


Someone bound to remember a regrettable hook-up, a friend who can’t take criticism, and an ill friend who guilts people into getting what she wants.

“My single male friends have been making comments toward my wife. Am I being overly jealous?”


Paul’s wife has a lot of single male friends, which he has no problem with, but he’s been hearing weird things said to her that makes him uncomfortable. He wants to know: is he being too jealous?

Dear John: Haunted By A Hook-Up


Dear John addresses a bisexual hook-up from the past, a jealous coworker, and an anonymous note about body odor.

A Burning Need


Even in the face of my worst anxiety, the fireplace has always been there to clear my head and calm my heart.